New Book, An Unfinished Coloring Book, Chronicles The Lives of Every Day People

August 03 22:51 2022
With his latest book, founder of The Cameron Journal, Cameron Cowan captures the dramatic moments that happens in the life of the average person.

Writer and author, Cameron Cowan is announcing the release of his latest book, An Unfinished Coloring Book, to the general public. According to Cameron, the book is a collection of short stories that explore dramatic moments in the lives of everyday people.

An Unfinished Coloring Book includes stories like:

–  The Diner: A narrative about employees of a diner spending their last working night before it is torn down to make way for a new interstate.
–  The Swedish Connection: Two men talk about their lives, their hurts, and their problems over one really bad bottle of vodka that they can’t stop drinking.
–  America Discount World: Set in the near future, America’s cultural heritage is on sale to the highest bidder. Dale has made a life selling off America’s cultural heritage and when a soon-to-be-divorced reporter comes to interview him about it; a new relationship just may form.
–  The Classy Drug Dealer: Andrej leads a quiet life running his dry cleaning and launderette. However, it is only a front for his real business. When the consequences of his actions walk through the door one night, Andrej is forced to sacrifice everything, even his own life.
–  Windswept Wastes: The cold war is on and America is building its nuclear arsenal. Set in the years at the end of Vietnam, one man gets a job making nuclear triggers at a Colorado plant. This is his story.
–  Sanctuary: In this story, two boys find a great place to party and their adventure reveal the secret and seedy underworld of the American suburb.
–  The Ticket: Topher has just a few hours to get to the lottery office in Olympia, WA to turn in a lottery ticket that will change his life. There’s only one problem: he has no way to get there. 

The collection also features the exclusive release of The RKO Killer: An I.G. Farben Mystery. In this story, Isaac Farben is hired by KYW radio in Chicago during the roaring 1920s to find a criminal who is making headlines for an exclusive radio interview. Farben travels with his trusty assistants Mr. and Mrs. Rustin and Anna Fowler to southern Illinois to find this man and bring him back to the radio station.

About the author


Cameron Cowan describes himself as a writer, thinker, and human being who writes about things he sees and feels on his website, The Cameron Journal. As to why he writes, Cameron says, “Writing is a way to introduce new ideas and new concepts to people and slowly those words percolate into the general human consciousness that permeates us all. Eventually, ideas become like a virus and that virus spreads and infects our very souls and change results soon after. That is why do what I do.”

An Unfinished Coloring Book can be gotten directly from The Cameron Journal

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