Three Problems, Because Of Which It Is Time To Sell The Car

August 05 16:50 2022
Three car problems, the solution of which will cost a pretty penny, regardless of the brand of car.

In the operation of the car, sooner or later there comes a moment when it is more profitable to sell it than to continue to use it. We are talking about breakdowns, the elimination of which is too expensive. We have identified three problems, the solution of which will cost a pretty penny, regardless of the brand of car: problems with the engine, gearbox, and bodywork. If your car has already encountered them, prepare it for sale.

If for some reason you don’t want to sell the car, and you don’t have money for repairs, get ready for the fact that it will crumble, and you can sell it to those who buy junk cars for cash in Louisville, KY. Malfunctions with the engine will lead to the fact that the car will not start in the morning. A broken box will fail at the most inopportune moment. Rust will turn thresholds into fringes. These three main difficulties will drink your blood as long as the car is still yours.

Engine problems

The first signs that signal problems with the engine are:

  • increased oil consumption;
  • gray smoke;
  • soot on candles;
  • pungent smell from the exhaust pipe;
  • floating idle speed;
  • a noticeable decrease in power;
  • increased fuel consumption.

Pay attention not only to the oil level but also to other fluids. For example, leaking coolant hints at problems with the radiator. With a faulty engine cooling system, it is within easy reach to replace the entire power unit.

Dark smoke from the exhaust pipe also hints at problems with the engine. At the same time, the check on the dashboard may not light up, but this will not mean that everything is in order with the engine. Blue smoke symbolizes that oil enters the engine cylinders. White smoke indicates that the “coolant” got inside the engine. Black smoke will appear when the engine reaches its last days or when the fuel mixture in the engine is over-enriched with oxygen.

Major repairs are unlikely to cost less than thousands of dollars. And this is provided so that you can pick up and purchase spare parts yourself. The cost of repairing some motors can even reach several tens of thousands. And if you don’t want or can’t spend that much, you can sell the car to a company like JunkCarsUS that buys cars in any condition.

The second way is to purchase and install a new motor, but this is unlikely to be cheaper. In addition, a car with a replaced engine is less attractive in the secondary market, which means that it will not be so easy to sell a car in the future. And is there any economic sense in acquiring a new engine? It is still very expensive. Such a car will not only not be very attractive in the secondary market, but it is not a fact that this new engine will fully pay off.

Buy special additives that help the engine run, pour them into the engine compartment at the next oil change, and put the car up for sale. If you miss the moment, “sell” the car only for scrap.

“Dying” gearbox

Overhauling of the box is also an expensive undertaking. It may not be cheaper than engine repair. The more complex the design of the gearbox, the more money will have to be invested in it. That is why when choosing the next machine, you should pay attention to mechanical gearboxes or hydromechanical machines. Their designs are extremely simple and do not require much effort and money during repairs. But CVTs, DSGs, and “robots” are much more technologically advanced and modern, but the parts for them are more expensive.

Kicks and jerks when shifting gears can be considered signs of a “dying” box. But at this stage, the box can often be repaired by replacing some consumables or even changing the oil. But when it comes to overheating, oil leaks, and gear lockups, a gearbox replacement looms ahead.

Again, automotive chemistry will help to temporarily cope with jerks. Add special additives to the box, drive a couple of thousand more kilometers so that they completely mix with the gear oil, and the car is ready for sale. But often additives and other tricks do not work as the owner of the car would like, and he is left with spending on additives and still a broken gearbox.

Rust and corrosion on the body

Corrosion in the body behaves like cancer: it cannot be cured, but it can be stopped and prevented from progressing. Rust will spread like a disease, climbing from one part of the body to another. First of all, thresholds, wheel arches, hood and bumper suffer – these are the most vulnerable places on all cars. Unlike mechanical breakdowns, rust is very difficult to deal with. A full repair will include cleaning the part, puttying, priming, and painting. But even all these steps will not cure the problem. The more pockets of corrosion, the cheaper the car will cost. And the longer it takes to repair and sell, the more the car will depreciate, and run the car to a critical state you can only sell it to those who buy junk cars for cash in Louisville, KY.

The only way to get rid of rust is to change the parts on which it appeared or sell the car with it. It is possible to replace the doors, hood, or trunk, although it will cost a lot. For example, a used hood for the fifth Golf will cost a thousand dollars. But later this will reflect badly on resale because designer cars are illiquid. But with the corrosion of the supporting structures, nothing can be done.

And so we can conclude that a car in poor condition is best sold, especially if there is a company like JunkCarsUS. And as soon as you have the opportunity, then use it so that you can get the maximum benefit.

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