Car Accident Lawyer at Michigan’s Largest Personal Injury Law Firm Offers Injury Victims Their Best Chance at Getting Fairly Compensated

August 30 15:33 2022
Since 1995, Mike Morse Injury Law Firm has devoted itself exclusively to personal injury law. Over time, it has helped thousands of injury victims obtain just compensation. It has won more than $1 billion for its clients. Its practice areas include vehicle accidents, dog bites, and social security disability.

According to announcements released by Mike Morse Injury Law Firm, car accident injury victims who seek legal counsel from an experienced car accident lawyer should avail of the free consultation offered by this law firm.

Injury victims can easily feel overwhelmed by the pain, suffering, and property damage due to a car accident. The legal proceedings and documentation can tax anyone, and an already stressed individual is scarcely in a position to act to meet deadlines and negotiate firmly with insurers. This is where the services of accident lawyers can be of invaluable help. 

They know the tricks insurance companies use to coerce injured parties to settle for low amounts and can negotiate forcefully for fair settlements. The many local and state laws in Michigan that govern procedures related to car accidents can be confusing. Without appropriate legal representation, injured individuals may not be able to cope with the aggressive tactics employed by the defendant’s counsel.

Auto accident lawyers at Mike Morse Injury Law Firm are prepared to go the distance for their clients; this is important because insurance companies and moneyed defendants are prepared to drag the case, hoping that the already stressed plaintiff chooses to settle for less. The law firm recommends availing of legal counsel even for a fender bender, which may not result in any ostensible injuries. However, the symptoms can manifest over time, and by then, it may be too difficult or late to file a claim.

Mike Morse Injury Law Firm was established in 1995 and has, since then, has obtained more than $1 billion in claims and settlements for personal injury victims.

Mike Morse Injury Law Firm said, “Pain and suffering damages are a type of non-economic damages meant to address an injured person’s physical and emotional suffering. Those with serious injuries that were not at fault for their accident may be entitled to compensation for their pain and suffering. Insurance companies do not want to pay victims for this intangible damage. Hiring an experienced lawyer to gather medical documentation and witness testimony is vital in building your case. 

In Michigan, you have one year to notify your no-fault insurance carrier of an accident. Depending on the exact facts of your accident, you may have more or less time to notify and/or sue other parties. Some auto-accident policies have specific, shorter windows of time in which you must contact your insurance company or the police. The best way to guarantee that you know the best course of action is to call a lawyer with experience handling Michigan car accident cases as soon as possible. 

At the Mike Morse Law Firm, we work on a contingency fee basis. That means you pay us no money until we win your case. There are no fees or charges to have us start working on your case. We only get paid when you receive your settlement check.”

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The team of dedicated legal professionals at Mike Morse Injury Law Firm has earned more than 2,500 positive reviews online. The attorneys strive to provide engaged representation for fair compensation to injured clients. It navigates the complex legal and insurance processes on behalf of its clients.

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