The Yeti Mountain Club: Real-World Real Estate and Travel Opportunities With NFT Token Memberships

August 30 16:36 2022
Members of The Yeti Mountain Club get exclusive access to experiences and discounted travel options in stunning, sought-after locations around the world.

The Yeti Mountain Club announces an exciting new real-world real estate and travel opportunity. Through the purchase of membership NFT tokens, club members will gain access to discounted travel options and exclusive experiences in some of the most beautiful and sought-after locations around the world. The Yeti Mountain Club is excited to bring this unique opportunity to the market with 100% transparency and a commitment to creating unforgettable travel experiences for their members.

Co-Founders Nick Chambers and Ash Carter expressed their excitement about the project in the following statement:

“At The Yeti Mountain Club, we believe that travel should be a shared experience. That’s why we’re dedicated to making travel more frequent and accessible for our members. We also believe that The Yeti Mountain Club can help to evolve the NFT token landscape beyond the metaverse. NFTs have the potential to offer real-world utility and tangible value to owners. We believe that by offering real estate and travel NFTs, we can provide our members with the opportunity to own a piece of the world. We can’t wait to travel, experience, and enjoy the world with our members!”

As a company dedicated to transparency, The Yeti Mountain Club has outlined their goals and a roadmap for achieving them. In short, The Yeti Mountain Club will release 10,000 unique NFT tokens at a public sale price of $1,000 USD, with each token granting the holder a membership to the club. The proceeds from the sale of these tokens will be used to acquire at minimum 10-20 A/B+ properties in sought-after travel destinations around the world to be used as short-term rentals.

The NFT tokens will go to market within the next eight weeks. The properties will be acquired and available for booking within 6 months. Members will always receive a minimum discount of 50% off their stay at these properties. The community will grow, and additional properties will be made available, over time with the release of additional NFT token collections.

In addition, the company plans to celebrate life and success with its members through private events throughout the year. Over time, the club pledges to provide support, resources, and ongoing community activities for its members. Operations will be built to best serve members by the addition of staff, to both support properties and create memorable guest experiences.

The extended version of the blueprint, as well as the registration form for pre-sale opportunities, can be found on The Yeti Mountain Club website.

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