SimLab Soft partners with Jeelcode to create the world’s first Virtual Realty learning platform for kids

August 31 04:48 2022
Platform will help kids learn computer coding and allowing them to create their own VR experiences

SimLab Soft, maker of the world’s No. 1 Code-free Virtual Realty creation software, has partnered with Jeelcode  the largest online coding academy for kids in the Arab world to create the first Virtual Reality learning platform for kids. The two companies aim for the platform to help kids learn computer coding  and grow their understanding of IT. Learners will then be able to create their own Virtual Reality experiences.

Jeelcode Edtech knowhow alongside the software building capabilities of SimLab will result into one of the most exciting platforms kids have to learn computer technology skills.

There are a number of benefits young people gain by learning to code and create Virtual Reality such as understanding technology, enhancing problem-solving skills, and improving future career prospects by learning to code.

The kids’ Virtual Reality coding platform is easy to use and the software will provide exceptional educational solutions for parents and schools. The platform will teach kids the technology of the future right now. The future will be heavily based on technology and Virtual Reality will become an even larger industry. By teaching kids how to create it now, parents give their youngsters the chance to get a head start before going to secondary school or university.

“Regardless of the career a child wants in the future, whether it be a medical doctor, a car mechanic, or an astronaut, they will need to know the language of machines, the Metaverse, and how to code for Virtual Reality,” a Ashraf Sultan, SimLab Software founder said.

SimLab Soft aims to democratize technology and make it easy to learn and use by everyone. The company’s Virtual Reality software is the most comprehensive platform available today.

The partnership between SimLab Soft and Jeelcode is incredibly exciting for young learners in the Middle East. In addition to launching the unique Virtual Reality platform for kids to learn coding, SimLab and Jeelcode are seeking further investment from potential investors to help the all-new product reach even more children.

For more information on SimLab Software’s Edtech collaboration with Jeelcode, please visit the companies’ official websites: SimLab Software and Jeelcode.


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