Familiar Collaboration Tools don’t Promote the User’s Brand. Is there Any Other Way?

August 31 05:42 2022
Familiar Collaboration Tools don't Promote the User's Brand. Is there Any Other Way?

Good old Google Workspaces and MS Office are very well known to all of us. They are reliable and have helped solve basic user tasks for many years. But do these solutions help businesses to promote their brand? The answer is no, and here’s why:

― Google Workspaces or MS Office do not provide an option to connect to your domain ― They do not provide an opportunity to brand the workspace (this way you promote Google or Microsoft, but not your own brand) ― It is not possible to hide the supplier’s logo or replace it with your own logo there

If you are looking for a solution to these problems, check out the Nimbus Platform, an all-in-one branded environment for your collaboration and communication.

What does an all-in-one platform mean, and how can it be useful for your brand or business?

The all-in-one solution combines several tools at once in a single workspace. For example, you can collect pdf or multimedia files, Google spreadsheets, Figma layouts, or Miro boards in one place. With the team, you can discuss tasks or creatives even in video or audio format.At the same time, all information is well organized and always at hand.

What makes Nimbus Platform Unique

Nimbus allows you to connect the whole solution to customers’ websites and make it fully white-label. Unlike standard solutions, Nimbus helps companies to promote their brand and look more professional. That’s what you wouldn’t get using solutions like Google Workspaces, MS Office, Dropbox, Notion, etc.The Nimbus Platform helps empower every business. Companies can connect their CNAMEs and SMTPs to Nimbus pages. Just add your logo and brand design and become more visible to the client.

What other tricks will you do with the Nimbus Platform

― use workspaces to collect and collaborate on any information ― embed everything you need in one place or even on a page (our block editor has over 2000 integrations) ― fill ready-made templates for everyday tasks or dashboards ― set deadlines for tasks, add tags and comments with a real-time collaborative editor ― run lightweight Slack-like channels and direct messages for each workspace ― clip and record anything with Nimbus Clipper and Nimbus Clarity (video and audio recorder)

Would you like to try out the Nimbus Platform right now? Check out the free trial version and subscribe to our updates. We’ll be the first to let you know when new features are launched.

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