REPT BATTERO Released Brand New “Wending” Battery

August 31 06:12 2022

REPT BATTERO Energy, a newcomer and emerging force in the power battery industry, held on August 25, 2022 a press conference themed “wild imagination and impressive increases” to release the brand-new generation of “Wending” high-energy-density lithium iron phosphate battery and the R63 large module battery system.

Product Launch of Ruipu Energy, Main Guests Released “Wending” Battery Onstage

REPT BATTERO Energy released a new power battery technology with a brand-new structural design under the theme of “wild imagination and impressive increases”. This generic technology can make the volumetric energy density of square aluminum-shell lithium iron phosphate batteries reach 450Wh/L, far exceeding the current industry average of 400Wh/L. A highlight is that this generic technology can be applied to the square aluminum shell ternary lithium battery, thereby further increasing its energy density. According to the data displayed at the press conference, this technology can enable battery capacity to increase by 15% when the volume remains the same. REPT BATTERO Energy adopted an integrated welding technology, which enables the integrated internal structure of battery cells and reduces the original top space from 15mm to 8mm, effectively increasing the space utilization rate by more than 7%. The top of the battery JR is basically close to the lower bottom surface of the cover plate. This sheds some light on why REPT BATTERO Energy named the battery “Wending”, which means “meeting the top”. The structural innovation frees up more cell space vertically for battery capacity to increase.

Leveraging its large module technology and the high-specific-energy “Wending” cells, REPT BATTERO Energy increases the energy density by 15% at the cell level and the effective volume utilization rate by 26% at the system level. Thanks to increase on these two fronts, the whole-vehicle power can increase by 45%, making it possible for lithium iron phosphate batteries to achieve a 700km range for passenger cars. The R63 system is marked by a number of innovative designs, the most prominent being further utilization of the space around the R corner of square aluminum shell batteries, which, unlike the installation method of modules in the traditional battery system, increases the effective volume utilization rate at the battery system level. The R63 system has comprehensive advantages on such dimensions as battery life, cost, safety, environmental friendliness, and platform-oriented development: in terms of battery life, the R63 system can increase the whole-vehicle power by about 45% and the cruising range to reach 700km; in terms of cost, the number of sub-components of the battery system is further lowered, which enables a significant cost reduction of about 25%; in terms of safety, the current first-order mode at the system level can reach 50Hz, which further improves the safety of the battery system; in terms of environmental friendliness, the use of glue-free and detachable large modules further provides solutions for the ecosystem of cascade utilization; REPT BATTERO Energy also plans to integrate the R63 large module battery system solution into a platform so that clients from all areas can use the system for whatever duration they intend, thereby reducing their development cost and shortening cycle.

The combination of the “Wending” battery and the R63 system is an innovation and optimization of the internal structure design that expands towards the top of the battery cell to increase the energy density of the battery; This solution is available to both the domestic and international markets. Both emerging NEVs and well-established big-name car companies that seek to shift towards NEVs can apply it to their upper mid-segment EVs.


Established in October 2017, REPT BATTERO Energy is mainly engaged in the R&D, production and sales of power and energy storage lithium-ion battery cells as well as system applications, and focuses on providing high-quality solutions for NEV power and for smart power storage. Its shareholder, Tsingshan Group, is a Fortune 500 company and the world’s largest stainless steel manufacturer. REPT BATTERO Energy has built a blueprint for the whole industrial chain from upstream raw materials, midstream power batteries, to downstream energy storage and electric vehicle manufacturers, and strategic cooperation in recycling. It has leading advantages in resources, technology, and brand strength. The lithium iron phosphate batteries, modules and systems, among others, that REPT BATTERO Energy launched in the past have well met the needs of NEV manufacturers from both the supply chain and technology perspective. REPT BATTERO Energy is accelerating the expansion of production capacity. In addition to the planned 46GWh production capacity for the Wenzhou base and the investment of 10.3 billion yuan to build an annual production capacity of 30GWh in Foshan, REPT BATTERO Energy will complete the investment, which is expected to total 30 billion yuan, in the REPT New Energy Industrial Base with a planned capacity of 100GWh in 2026 and put it into full operation in 2027. REPT BATTERO Energy aims to achieve an annual production capacity of 200GWh by 2025. As electrification gains momentum worldwide, the explosive growth of pure EVs has driven the rapid growth of global demand for power batteries. REPT BATTERO Energy’s future development plan based on a globalized strategy is in alignment with the responsibilities that it shoulders for promoting the transformation of a green and environmentally friendly new energy industry.

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