Life Coach’s Book Becomes An Instant Best Seller

August 31 06:39 2022
Tara Brown Launches Her New Book “Awaken Your Fertility: Five Proven Mindset Tools To Help You Become A Mother”

On June 13, 2022, Transformational Life Coach, Tara Brown, released her latest book “Awaken Your Fertility: Five Proven Mindset Tools To Help You Become A Mother” through Amazon and the book immediately became a Best Seller!

In this practical book, Tara Brown shares women’s journeys from apparent infertility to pregnancy and motherhood. Tara Brown will teach you the five proven tools that these women used to change their results and, even after years of seeming infertility, have children. You will understand how to use the power of your mindset to serve you in becoming a mother.

“One in eight women are struggling to get pregnant. You might know her, she’s your daughter, niece, friend. You might be married to her, and you watch her suffer trying to keep her spirits up. You might be her. She feels like she’s failed at the most natural thing, getting pregnant, and feels utterly useless, worthless, and worried. I was asked to write this book to help women navigate the mental and emotional journey, shift from pain to hope, using proven tools that have helped other many women facing seeming infertility, change their results and become mothers.” shares bestselling author Tara Brown.

Alicia Traver holder says “It is easy to read with lots of good tools to put to use. If you know someone who is on this path and could use support, this is a great resource.” 

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Tara Brown is a licensed architect and has been coaching since 2003. She holds degrees from MIT and Yale University and enjoys to mountain bike in her spare time. She’s a full-time parent to twin teenagers and currently resides in Phoenix, Arizona. She’s had aspirations of being a published author for 30 years and has taken several writing workshops to prevent her brain from turning to mush while parenting toddlers.

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