Atlanta Tree Service Experts Impresses Homeowner with Effective Cleanup After Tree Removal

August 31 06:51 2022


Atlanta, Georgia – When Freddy Harvey realized that the trees on his landscape had been damaged beyond repair by a storm, he knew he had to hire someone to help with the tree improvement. Initially, the homeowner was going for an individual who owned a power saw in the neighborhood. Luckily for Freddy, a neighbor suggested working with Atlanta Tree Service Experts.


“The family moved to Atlanta last year,” said Harvey. “By the time the family was moving to its new home, the previous homeowner had already improved the landscape and the trees looked perfectly fine. For this reason, the family did not need to hire a tree maintenance team for the period it has been in this home.”

“However,” added Harvey, “a storm changed all that in a single day. The family went from a point where the landscape was comfy and attractive to look at to a point where trees were threatening to fall if they were not removed as soon as possible. The first thing that came to mind when it reached this point was getting someone in the neighborhood who owned a power saw to help with the tree removal procedure. However, a neighbor helped the family realize that this would not be a good move.”

Harvey noted that his neighbor helped him realize that hiring a single person to remove the trees would not be a good idea as the trees were too close to utilities.

“The neighbor mentioned that one person would not be in a position to control the falling direction of the trees,” said Freddy. “Even if the person could cut the tree’s base, everything else was out of their control. The neighbor noted that this would put the house, the garage, and the powerlines that were near the trees under risk.”

Freddy’s neighbor reportedly suggested Atlanta Tree Service Experts. He noted that he had been using the company for a long time and had enjoyed the company’s services every time.

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“The family had to research the company to understand why the neighbor loved it so much,” said Harvey. “As it turned out, the company has been offering its services for more than 25 years. The company’s website indicated that its team of tree cutting professionals could handle all tree maintenance procedures. The company even boasted the most advanced tree maintenance tools—from bucket trucks to cranes and other safety tools.”

The homeowner reportedly checked the company’s Google My Business page. The page reportedly convinced him to go ahead and hire the company. According to the homeowner, the company had dozens of positive reviews from customers who had used its services in the past.

“When hiring the tree care company,” said Freddy Harvey, “the family only expected tree removal and nothing more. However, as it turned out, Atlanta Tree Service Experts went above and beyond for the family. In addition to handling the tree removal procedure, the company cleaned up after the service.”

Freddy told reporters that he was extremely impressed with the fact that the company removed both the trees and their stumps. According to the homeowner, the team of tree service providers removed the stumps to ensure the planting of new trees was possible.

“The team then filled the holes to improve safety,” said Harvey. “They then collected everything from the stumps and the tree trunks to the branches, leaves, and the sawdust. Right now, no one can tell that the family had gotten rid of more than 5 trees in one go.”

Atlanta Tree Service Experts schedules all its tree care procedures from its base of operation which sits at 805 Antone St NW, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States. The company can be contacted at +1 404-224-9458 and [email protected]

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