Lexington Tree Experts Impresses Client with Affordable Tree Removal Cost

August 31 08:27 2022


Lexington, Kentucky – When Walter Sheridan decided to remove two trees that had turned into major concerns on his landscape, the homeowner requested cost estimates from multiple tree care companies. According to the homeowner, out of the 5 companies he contacted for cost estimates, Lexington Tree Experts turned out to be the most affordable team. As he narrated his experience with Lexington Tree Experts earlier this morning, the homeowner noted that he was impressed with the results generated by Lexington Tree Experts on his landscape.


“One of the trees was invasive and its roots were crawling under the concrete floor and putting cracks everywhere,” said Walter. “The other tree was blocking a property development project—the family was working on building an in-ground swimming pool and the tree was standing in just the perfect position for the swimming pool.”

The homeowner noted that contacting multiple companies for a tree removal cost estimate was one of the best things his family did. He added that if he had not requested estimates from the 5 companies, he would probably have gone with the most expensive company.

“The family had been using the company that sent the most expensive cost estimate,” said Sheridan. “The company had handled several tree trimming projects, tree removal procedures, and even tree pruning. The fact that the family was not looking for other options kept the company around—if the family had started looking for options earlier, the likelihood of using the company for as long as the family did was very low.”

The homeowner mentioned that he was impressed by the fact that Lexington Tree Experts was not charging an affordable cost because its team was inexperienced.

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“On researching Lexington Tree Experts,” said Walter Sheridan, “the family realized that the company had been operating in this section of Kentucky for more than 25 years. The company boasted advanced tools in addition to its years of experience. This meant that the family would be getting a good deal affordably. Compared to the other companies the family had contacted, the cost estimate sent by Lexington Tree Experts was over 20% cheaper than the most affordable cost the other companies had sent.”

The homeowner noted that he was impressed with how quickly Lexington Tree Experts initiated the tree removal procedure after he gave its team of tree cutting professionals the go-ahead.

“The family did not expect the company to initiate the tree removal procedure on the same day the family gave its team a go-ahead,” said Walter. “However, the company sent its team about an hour after receiving the email that requested its tree removal team to start working on the trees. Later, the family would come to learn that the company had a same-day service policy. According to the same-day service policy, the company always handles tree service procedures on the day they are requested by homeowners.”

Walter Sheridan noted that he was impressed watching the company working on the trees. The team of tree cutting professionals from Lexington Tree Experts brought advanced tools to ensure the project was smooth and did not take too much time.

“The family expected the company to take the whole day on the tree removal procedure,” said Walter. “The company, however, surprised everyone when the entire procedure ended in just 4 hours. Lexington Tree Experts is a company the family plans to keep using.”

Lexington Tree Experts’ physical offices are located at 1604 Harrodsburg Rd, Lexington, KY 40504, United States. The company can be contacted at +1 859-710-6512 and [email protected]

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