San Marcos Tree Service Experts Handles Tree Removal and Converts Trees Into Construction Material

August 31 09:24 2022


San Marcos, California – Yesterday, Thomas invited San Marcos Tree Service Experts to his home to remove two trees that were blocking his property development project. The homeowner, however, ended up enjoying much more benefits—San Marcos Tree Service Experts converted his trees into building materials he could use for his ongoing project.


“The family has been using San Marcos Tree Service Experts for more than 15 years now,” said Thomas. “The very first time the family used the company, its team of tree cutting professionals had to handle a tree trimming procedure on a complicated tree that stood just next to the house. This was after the family had contacted several teams with all of them refusing to handle the procedure since the risk of property damage was too high.”

The homeowner noted that a close friend suggested San Marcos Tree Service Experts to him and indicated that the company had everything he would need to ensure the tree was trimmed without property damage.

“The company arrived on the landscape about 30 minutes after the call,” said Thomas. “The company did an assessment and gave the family a cost estimate for the tree trimming procedure. As it turned out, the entire procedure was more affordable than everyone had expected. This, however, had to do with the company’s years of experience and the modern tools the company had brought—the company used a bucket truck to reach the crown while a crane and ropes helped lower the cut branches slowly without causing property damage.”

Thomas noted that since then, the team of tree cutting professionals from the company has handled tree removal, tree pruning, and emergency tree service on multiple occasions. In all cases, the company has never disappointed the family.

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“When calling San Marcos Tree Service Experts for the tree removal procedure,” said Thomas, “one thing that excited the family is that everyone knew that the company would be on the landscape as soon as possible. There was a need to complete the tree removal procedure as soon as possible so that the property development procedure could continue.”

San Marcos Tree Service Experts reportedly arrived on Thomas’s landscape about an hour after the call. The company had already provided a cost estimate and the homeowner had found it affordable. When the team arrived on the landscape, they went straight to work, initiating the tree removal.

“The company completed the tree removals in just 2 hours,” said Thomas. “The company, however, did not stop after the tree removal—the company went ahead and removed the tree stump.”

“Next,” added Thomas, “the most unexpected thing happened—the company started cutting up the tree trunks. Before the family realized what was happening, the company had already turned the removed trees into construction materials.”

Thomas noted that his family was worried that the company would end up demanding extra money for the process of converting the trees into construction material. The company, however, surprised the homeowner when the team mentioned that this procedure was free of charge.

“The company will help the family save a lot of money on material,” said Thomas. “In addition to helping the family save money on construction materials, San Marcos Tree Service Experts helped the family save time on after-service cleanup. The company cleaned the landscape, carrying all the waste to the dumpsite and leaving the landscape ready for the project.”

San Marcos Tree Service Experts offices are located at 1255 Stone Dr, San Marcos, CA 92078, United States. Homeowners can reach the company’s customer support department via +1 442-280-7601 and [email protected]

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