Tree Experts Orlando Helps Uses Tree Cabling to Fix a Tree with Damaged Crown

August 31 09:30 2022


Orlando, Florida – When a storm swept through Orlando last night, it left one homeowner—Warren Lynch—with a damaged tree. One of his favorite white oaks suffered a lot of damage on the tree crown, with the storm leaving the tree with several broken branches.


Since the homeowner did not want to lose these branches or suffer property damage from the branches dropping down unexpectedly, he invited Tree Experts Orlando to his landscape to attach the branches firmly to the crown and ensure they would heal without causing property damage.

“The white oak has always been the family’s favorite shade tree,” said Warren Lynch. “Most of the branches that were damaged by the storm played a key role in providing shade in the summer season. For this reason, using tree pruning on the white oak was not an option—this would have left the tree with inadequate branches to provide enough shade.”

The homeowner noted that he had never heard about Tree Experts Orlando until he needed help with the tree. He added that he had to call the company’s offices and request the service as an emergency since the entire safety of his home depended on how fast the branches were cabled.

“The family called the company at about 3 am,” said Lynch. “This is when the storm stopped and the family finally got the chance to assess the damage that it had left behind. The damage was significant and the white oak looked like it was in a position where if left alone, the branches would end up dropping on the landscape and causing extreme damage to the garage’s roof. This meant that the family had to find a solution immediately.”

The homeowner reportedly went on the internet to find a team that would help with the tree cabling procedure. When Lynch searched for emergency tree service near him, Tree Experts Orlando was one of the few companies that came up.

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“Tree Experts Orlando was not just the first company that came up after the search,” said Warren. “The company also had the best testimonials. With more than 60 people reporting that they had a positive experience with the company on its Google My Business page, it was easy to see why the family would want to work with the team of tree cutting professionals. What’s more, when the family visited the company’s website, it was surprising to learn that the company had been operating in this part of Florida for more than 25 years.”

By the time Warren Lynch was calling Tree Experts Orlando, he noted that already knew the company would offer the results he was looking for. The company boasted years of experience, had advanced tools, and its team reported that it responded to emergency tree service requests on a 24/7 basis.

“The company received the family’s call on the first ring and promised to send a team within the hour,” said Warren Lynch. “A team of professionals was on the landscape at 4 am. The team cabled the branches perfectly to reattach them to the tree trunk. In about 2 hours, the team was ready to leave.”

Warren noted that the company charged him a very affordable price. Despite having woken the team of tree cutting professionals from Tree Experts Orlando at an abnormal hour, the team was still over 20% cheaper than the amount he had expected to pay.

Tree Experts Orlando schedules its emergency tree services from its base of operation located at 10802 Satellite Blvd, Orlando, FL 32837, United States. The company can, however, be contacted at +1 321-340-2817 and [email protected]

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