Tree Service Experts Murrieta Impresses Homeowner After Transplanting Mature Tree to Create Room for Driveway Expansion

August 31 09:54 2022


Murrieta, California – When Rodney bought his new house in Murietta, one of the first things he noted about his new property is that it did not have a wide enough driveway. What’s more, the previous homeowner seemed to not have had any interest in owning a garage that could fit his large vehicles.


“The first thing the family had to do was expand the garage to ensure that it could not just fit the SUV but also the wife’s and kid’s vehicles,” said Rodney. “Expanding the garage was not too complicated as no trees were standing in the way of the property development project.”

The homeowner noted that within the first few weeks of moving to Murrieta, he had already finished expanding the garage. However, the next challenge he had to put all his focus on was the driveway.

“From the look of things,” said Rodney, “it seemed the previous property owner had put his focus on accommodating his rather small sports car. However, as the family has always had a love for huge vehicles—SUVs and double cabin pickup trucks, the previous driveway was not working for the family. This meant that work had to be done to expand the driveway.”

The homeowner noted that when the driveway expansion project was initiated, one tree was blocking the project. He noted that since the driveway was just beside the house, the tree was the easiest thing to remove to create space for the project.

“The family had to work with a tree removal team,” said Rodney. “Luckily, after talking to several homeowners in this section of Murrieta, finding a good team of tree care professionals was extremely easy. Most of the homeowners who had invested in tree removal recently suggested working with Tree Service Experts Murrieta.”

Rodney reportedly went on the internet in an attempt to dig out some background information on Tree Service Experts Murrieta. The homeowner was more than satisfied when he came across the company’s Google My Business page which carried a large number of positive testimonials. According to the homeowner, the reviews communicated the fact that the company had satisfied its previous customers.

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“All the people who had used Tree Service Experts Murrieta in the past had rated the company 5 stars on the Google My Business page,” said Rodney. “This was a clear indicator there was a very high likelihood that if the family hired the company, it would receive impressive services too.”

The homeowner clicked on the company’s website link which sat on its Google My Business page. The website confirmed that the company had more than 25 years of tree service experience, owned advanced tree maintenance tools, and had a team that could handle all types of tree care procedures.

“After realizing how experienced and advanced Tree Service Experts Murrieta is,” said Rodney, “the family had to hire the company for the tree removal procedure. However, while the family was expecting the team to remove the tree, the company adopted a different approach to help the family save its tree.”

Rodney noted that instead of handling the tree removal procedure, Tree Service Experts Murrieta advised him to invest in tree transplanting since his landscape had enough room to accommodate the tree elsewhere.

“The company brought advanced tools for the tree transplanting procedure,” said Rodney. “Its team of tree cutting professionals lifted the tree off the ground together with its roots and moved it to a new location. The team did this at a very affordable price. The family is willing to keep using the company’s services for the foreseeable future, considering the value its team put on the landscape.”

Tree Service Experts Murrieta schedules tree maintenance procedures from its base at 41667 Ivy St, Murrieta, CA 92562, United States. The company, however, can be reached at +1 951-364-2861 and [email protected]

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