Tree Service Marietta Celebrates its 1000th Emergency Tree Removal Service Client

August 31 10:33 2022


Marietta, Georgia – A company that has always worked hard to ensure all its clients are impressed with its services, Tree Service Marietta has crossed numerous milestones in its 2.5 decades of tree service. Earlier today, the company crossed yet another milestone—since the company started offering the emergency tree service, the company crossed its 1000th client for this service yesterday.


“Emergency tree service is the company’s least requested service,” said the Tree Service Marietta CEO. “This is the service that homeowners request when they are in a tough position—that is, a point where the tree is almost causing property damage.”

“And while it is the company’s least requested service,” added the CEO, “Tree Service Marietta has managed to position itself as the go-to company for all types of emergency tree services. And this is probably the reason the company has served more than 1,000 clients in 25 years.”

The CEO noted that the fact the company has served 1,000 clients in the past 25 years does not necessarily mean that the company’s team has only handled 1,000 emergency tree service procedures.

“The number of emergency tree service procedures the company has hired is much higher than 1000,” said the CEO. “This is because one client tends to order multiple emergency tree service procedures from the company yearly.”

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Reporters wanted to know the reasons the company kept pulling in new emergency tree service clients. The CEO was more than willing to talk about how its operations ensure all clients are fully satisfied and more than willing to request emergency tree services from the company time and again.

“To begin with,” said the CEO, “the company offers the most affordable prices when it comes to emergency tree services. This is because the company already knows that tree emergencies are unplanned. For this reason, it is extremely easy to see that homeowners rarely have money set aside for these projects—in most cases, they have to pull money from other projects to finance the emergency tree services. To avoid crippling other projects or forcing homeowners to clean out their bank accounts, Tree Service Marietta has always maintained the cheapest possible prices.”

The CEO also added that the company’s ability to maintain maximum safety has always ensured that homeowners are enjoying the emergency tree services. According to the CEO, the company ensures all types of trees come down without causing property damage.

“It does not matter whether a tree is leaning dangerously over a powerline,” said the CEO, “or the tree is relying on the neighboring trees to avoid dropping on a house or a garage. The company will always find a way to ensure that the tree comes down without causing damage. In events where the tree has already caused some damage, the company always ensures that this damage does not increase.”

The CEO noted that his team’s ability to respond quickly to emergency tree service requests has earned the company’s team of tree cutting professionals the respect it deserves. The CEO noted that his team always responds to tree emergencies less than one hour after they are requested.

“Emergencies cannot wait,” said the CEO. “The company knows that the longer its team takes, the higher the odds of property damage. For this reason, the company arrives at the emergency site as soon as possible. And to make emergency response effective, the company operates on a 24/7 basis.”

Tree Service Marietta’s base of operation is located at 2305 Colleen Cir SW Marietta, GA, 30060. Homeowners can talk to the company at 678-661-6293 and [email protected]

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