Binance Zero BTC Trading Fees: fulfilling promises on the Tin.

August 31 10:39 2022
Binance strives to be user-centric. With the introduction of zero fees for the selected BTC pairs, they have taken the chance to offer one of their most used services for free. So, in celebration of five years of Binance and their customers and their community, they are proud to implement these changes.

California – August 29th, 2022 – Binance zero-fee BTC trading pairs do exactly what they say. There is no hidden cost and no restructuring of the business model to compensate. Binance has introduced itself as part of its dedication to low fees. 

Bilal Ozdemir, the spokesperson for Binance, stated that “If you haven’t heard already, then you’re in for a treat. Binance has recently removed trading fees from thirteen BTC spot pairs available on the exchange. It sounds too good to be true? Well, it really isn’t. We thought we’d take the time to explain in more detail how the new policy works and clear up a few misconceptions along the way.” 

Binance is pleased to have eliminated trading fees on a variety of BTC pairs. Binance is now using this opportunity to clear up any lingering questions regarding the change and iron out the details since many people still have questions concerning Binance.  

Binance has always wanted to make crypto as accessible and inclusive as possible. That is why Binance has maintained some of the lowest fees in the industry. With this move, they are doubling down on that commitment, vision, and goal.

It’s also a great symbolic move. Crypto such as ethereum and blockchain really began with Bitcoin. For many new investors, it’s the first coin they buy. It’s also the most traded asset by volume. By introducing zero fees for common BTC, pairs, Binance hopes to share the benefits of fee-free trading with as many people as possible. 

Binance is not disregarding the status of the market either. However, panic occurred. There has been uncertainty. FUD has also been present. Binance wanted to support a good cause that enhances their neighborhood in this trying time, regardless of market circumstances. 

Binance is not rebalancing profits from elsewhere, increasing spreads, or engaging in other activities to profit from this change. BTC is only one of the huge selection of digital assets listed on the Binance platform, and spot trading is just one of many services they offer to their customers. It’s business as usual when it comes to the rest of the platform, meaning that their revenue model remains sustainable. 

So while Binance is missing out on the fees from these BTC spot trading pairs, they’re well-positioned to offer this to the users as they have healthy reserves and would like to take this opportunity to give something back.  

Regarding the position of Binance in the market, they are incredibly confident in maintaining it without the need for flashy tricks or cheap campaigns. Removing the fees is simply another benefit they want to give to their customers,  and not a marketing ploy to get new customers. Ultimately, they want to build an accessible and inclusive platform, and their zero BTC fees do this. 

Binance also makes people  realize that this isn’t a “promotion.” They have just decided to waive the fees temporarily; there isn’t even a campaign behind it. As seen from the above explanations.  

Additionally, the removal of fees affects all buying, trading, and selling. Retail and institutional investors will all benefit from this change, and the recent sell-off in BTC and crypto isn’t unique to Binance. Financial markets around the world have also experienced troubles.

About Binance 

According to the daily trading volume of digital currencies, Binance is the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange. The Cayman Islands are where it is registered and it was founded in 2017. In order to facilitate high-frequency trading, Changpeng Zhao, a developer, launched Binance. 

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