The Injury Firm Announced Winner Of Their Most Awaited First Annual Community Service Scholarship

August 31 10:57 2022

The Injury Firm congratulates Justine Kruger for winning the First Annual Community Service Scholarship award for her community-oriented goals to make a lasting change in society.

A student’s potential for success can be measured by their willingness to give back to their community. The Injury Firm believes that a student who moves beyond self-interest to help others is most likely to succeed.

In recognition of the many benefits of community service, The Injury Firm has rewarded a $1,000 scholarship to a student who best demonstrates their commitment to community service and career ambitions. It’s awarded for community service activities, including volunteer work at nonprofit organizations, food drives or sports hero events, or similar activities that have impacted the community. This Injury Firm Community Service Scholarship aims to encourage and reward community involvement and leadership among high school students.

Good character and civic-mindedness are qualities shared by successful persons at every level and in every occupation. The Injury Firm is proud to announce the winner of the first Community Service Scholarship 2022 to Justine Kruger, who is attending the Ohio State Master of Social Work (MSW) program.

Justine has demonstrated compassion, integrity, and leadership to make positive changes in the world. Her dreams of helping homeless people led her to become involved in nonprofit work as a case manager for the homeless struggling with severe mental health disorders and chronic homelessness. Her goal is to help these individuals transition from homelessness to a more stable living situation and bring new life, hope, and happiness into their lives.

When asked about the aim and winner of the scholarship, the media representative at The Injury Firm said, “We at the The Injury Firm want to foster leadership and give students a chance to connect their passions with their future careers. The scholarship winner is an exceptional candidate who shows how she can positively impact the community through proactive engagement with her fellow citizens. Her work brought new attention to a forgotten population and inspired us to give back to those in need. In the future, we would love to offer this opportunity to someone already involved in all sorts of charitable activities around their local area, especially those that help others while helping the student themselves and opening new paths in life.”

Justine says her upbringing translates into her advocacy for people in need. Raised by a single father who always taught her to respect and love people unconditionally, Justine has always had an intense passion for helping and serving others, whether just talking to a neighbor or raising money for a friend who is in need. She firmly believes that community service is about how much or how far one can help someone to ease their pain and problems.

When asked about the aim, inspiration, and what the future holds Justine Kruger confidently and determinedly answered the questions:

Interviewer: “Why do you want to be a social worker?”

Kruger: “I am a firm believer that you can change the community around you. Every action is symbiotic, and the key to being part of something else.

Many of the people in our community are overlooked, hopeless, and expected to fall through the cracks of our broken system. I want to prevent this from happening through my passion for helping the neediest of our population.

My dream is to help others by doing what I enjoy most – guiding people in their efforts to help themselves, especially those who are hopeless and overlook a chance of feeling like they belong and matter to the world around them. The scholarship will help me pursue my passion for helping those in need by providing them with the means to change their lives.”

Interviewer: “Who is your inspiration?”

Kruger: “My father! He showed me the importance of making good decisions because they will reflect on how your actions affect others and you. He also taught me that you must be willing to consistently work hard no matter what is going on and get through it with a smile.”

Interviewer: “Working as a case manager in a nonprofit organization, have you experienced any memorable encounter or something that bought tears of happiness?”

Kruger: “I didn’t truly understand the impact my friends and I were making until one of the gentlemen we had handed items to for a couple of months explained that he was now connected to a program and had been sober for over three months due to us just caring and listening to him. Amazingly, we impacted someone so profoundly that they changed their life. I remember tearing up speaking with him because something that I thought was just nice or kind was making an impact on someone’s life.”

Interviewer: “Where do you see yourself in the next five years?”

Kruger: “In five years, I hope to be a Licensed Social Worker to make a difference in the world. My passion is serving people in all kinds of different ways and being able to provide a helping hand when it is most needed. I want to give hopeless and overlooked people a chance to feel like they belong and matter to the world around them. I am excited to begin this journey to be able to make a difference in the lives around me.

There will be many roadblocks and struggles in my journey, but I’m more than ready to take on the task.”

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