Fort Collins Physical Therapy by UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance Without Pain Medications, Injections, or Surgery

August 31 11:15 2022
UpSlope Physical Therapy deploys tested manual and corrective techniques to treat pain without surgery, medication, and injections. It works on the premise of treating the root cause of pain by considering the entire kinetic chain and not just the area experiencing pain.

According to announcements released by UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance and Brady Hoffmann, the Fort Collins physical therapy service delivered by the experienced physical therapist enables people to stay active through injury rehabilitation and performance training.

UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance works with professional sportspersons and those who wish to lead an active life to rehabilitate fast and more assuredly from injuries through a thorough analysis of movement patterns and then implementing improvements. The therapist implements a corrective exercise program to restore and enhance performance.

Dr. Brady Hoffmann is a certified EXOS performance specialist who helps clients regain proper form and function for executing the desired movements and improve and enhance performance in the field or gym.

UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance treats painful musculoskeletal conditions through dry needling, a treatment therapy in which fine needles are inserted into the body to elicit a healing response. Dry needling differs from acupuncture and is a modern, science-based intervention technique implemented successfully at this therapy center. Dry needling treats muscle pain, ligament pain, scar tissue pain, and pain in the nerves. Apart from pain reduction, individuals also experience an easing of muscle tension, improving movements and functional ability.

The clinic combines myofascial cupping with manual therapy and corrective movement techniques to treat pain.

Spinal manipulation performed at UpSlope Physical Therapy and Performance is often the first line of treatment for lower back, neck, and shoulder pain.

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Brady Hoffmann of UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance said, “Back pain. The common cold of orthopedic injuries. It happens to all of us in some capacity throughout our lives. This can be a very debilitating injury, but we should not live in fear of it. If you have spent some time in or around a gym, I’m sure that some of you have heard someone say something along the lines of “you shouldn’t deadlift, it’s bad for your back” or “I don’t deadlift anymore, I have a bad back.” or “I can’t squat heavy, it hurts my back.” If you have heard this, or potentially wondered this yourself, you are in the right place. Fortunately, the majority of time, low back pain gets better over time. It has been shown that staying active and returning to our activities as soon as we can will result in better and quicker outcomes.

More good news. Low back pain gets better with strengthening. Once we get stronger and get out of pain, completing a regular strength training program has been shown to prevent recurrence of back pain. We are not going to stop lifting because of our back pain. Instead, we are going to change our program to allow for decreased stress and load that we are placing on our body. This may include changing the load, changing the capacity (sets and reps), or changing the element (trying a goblet squat instead of a back squat).”

About the Company:

UpSlope Physical Therapy & Performance uses manual and corrective techniques to relieve pain for athletes, gym goers, and even those with a sedentary lifestyle. It implements research-backed techniques to improve sporting performance. The clinic is dedicated to helping the communities in Northern Colorado maintain health and fitness.

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