New smart AR glasses have been designed by the student team from Massey University and NUFE

August 31 17:00 2022
To solve the problem of e-commerce sellers, five students formed a “Smart Selection” team and designed a kind of AR glasses which uses deep learning algorithm models and electrochromic lenses.

As a new form of international trade, the cross-border e-commerce industry has important practical significance for the development of international trade. However, cross-border e-commerce sellers still have the problems of homogeneous product selection, end of distribution model, and unpredictable consumer demand, which leads to the survival rate of cross-border e-commerce start-up stores being only 8%. In 2022, in order to solve the problem of current sellers’ difficulty in selecting products, a number of students from Massey University and Nanjing University of Finance and Economics formed a “Smart Selection” team to design new smart AR glasses for cross-border e-commerce sellers to select products. The team independently developed deep learning algorithm models and electrochromic lenses.

The founder of the project Su Yunjie shared the original intention of the team behind these AR glasses “As students majoring in big data management and application, we should be good at benefiting big data technology, help cross-border e-commerce sellers solve the problem of difficult product selection, and contribute to the promotion of cross-border e-commerce.”

Massey University has the largest business school in New Zealand, and Nanjing University of Finance and Economics has a national e-commerce research center and a national economic management experimental teaching demonstration center. The “Smart Selection” team focuses on the research and development of deep learning algorithm models and the efficient use of electrochromic lenses. At present, the team has cooperated with a number of cross-border e-commerce sellers to connect with large e-commerce platforms such as Amazon, and the research results have received good feedback from many parties.

Behind the excellent scientific research results is the vivid practice of the team to overcome difficulties.

Team leader Su Yunjie emphasized in an interview “The research and development process is long and arduous, and it is inseparable from the support of the school and the guidance of teachers.”

The team disassembled the commodity elements and based on the self-developed deep learning model, the prediction of future explosive products was carried out with an accuracy rate of 94.92%. In addition, the team uses digitally controlled color-changing materials to develop electrochromic lenses, which can accurately change the light transmittance of glasses in different scenarios, making the light transmittance reach a super-large span of 10%-80%.

When the team makes breakthroughs in core technologies, there are not many mature research results for reference. The research process is complicated and lengthy. “It took several months to construct and design the algorithm model.” Su Yunjie said. Although the final presentation of the results is only a few simple pictures and data, behind it is the accumulated efforts and hard work of the entire team.

As of September 2022, the project has applied for 5 international invention patents and 1 software copyright, providing strong academic support for project research and development. Regarding future research plans, Su Yunjie said in an interview: “The team will conduct full-process research on cross-border e-commerce transactions. Our long-term goal is to make the cross-border e-commerce industry develop more professionally, scientifically, and healthily, and to create a cross-border e-commerce business. The social value of the e-commerce industry shines brightly for the realization of the Chinese dream.”

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