An Exceptional Commodity Trading Company Dedicated to Solving the Upcoming Import and Export Crisis

August 31 17:41 2022
VG SERENGETI was founded by a group of professional like-minded individuals with a shared desire to pool relationships and capabilities to facilitate opportunities in the commodities arena.

With 20 years’ experience behind the team in charge, part of their success in international physical commodity trading may be attributed to their supply chain and their approach to risk management. Corporate governance is constantly used by VG Serengeti’s top brass to keep the company in the right direction. Buyers and Sellers have come to rely on VG Serengeti’s customary high standards of professionalism and reliability whenever they do business in this industry.

With clients on almost every continent, VG Serengeti is in a unique position to anticipate and address their needs before shipping any products, therefore reducing many of the inherent dangers in the commodity trading business.

The company’s principal activity is the Import and Export (trading) of different commodities. Agricultural goods (such as sugar, rice, and other similar products), bitumen, cement, fertilisers, clinker, precious metals and stones, construction materials, and minerals are all examples of commodities. Moreover, VG Serengeti deals in the exchange of coal, gasoil, gasoline, crude, diesel, and Jet A-1 fuel.

The CEO, Mr. Kodzo Massenya, has spent the past two decades in the commodities trading sector. He has been instrumental in VG Serengeti’s growth to include five strategically placed offices throughout the globe. Because to his efforts, they now play an essential role in the import and export of certain countries, boosting the economies of such nations by improving their trade balance.

“We love working with countries on every continent. Our goal is to help them both import and export their products if necessary. It is our way to give back on both sides of the spectrum, and more importantly, allows us to use our expertise in the balance of trade. That’s why we always follow all rules and procedures when fulfilling a contract, to make sure it is done the right way and to constantly produce the expected results. Once we take on a client, we pride ourselves on clear and precise communication, so that we can find creative solutions to any challenges that may arise. VG Serengeti is committed to providing a reliable supply chain, competitive pricing and transparent contracts. This is the only way we do business.” says Mr Kodzo Massenya.

Its long-standing relationships with freight forwarder partners, its supply partners throughout the globe, and their blueprint to follow procedures are likely responsible for its impressive record of on-time deliveries.

Their team of experts have now set the intention of expanding their reach and capabilities in the commodities market via collaboration. Each team member has a similar outlook. The goal is to continue to be recognized as a stable and adaptable trading firm while also developing into a specialized trading business, delivering exceptional customer service, attracting top personnel, and practicing sound corporate governance.

They value dependability highly in their operations and in our interactions with them. Not everyone can do miracles, but they may be able to leverage connections to the advantage of their clients in order to solve a problem. There is a common goal that they are all trying to achieve.

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