KITSU Paves the Way to A Wealth of Play-and-earn Real Benefits

August 31 20:18 2022
With KITSU GAME, it’s easy to be obsessed with racing games—even if you are not a racing fan. Due to the game’s wealth of fun and simple-to-play features and elements, every player is tempted to keep playing and learning more about the game.

The Story of KITSU

The KITSU P2E game takes place within the KITSU Land, far, far away on the east side of the Nihonkoku Nation. The land’s stunning environment is reminiscent of something out of a fairy tale that will forever captivate anyone.

The story revolves around the kingdom of Kitsu, where the people are devoted to only one form of entertainment as their hobby: racing. Kitsu Land is now the best place to find great racers.

The story begins when the King declares a contest: whoever can collect three Kitsu Stones shall win an Easter Egg as a trophy.

The Kitsu Stones themselves are sacred stones belonging to the Kitsu Kingdom. They are the Kitsu Stone of Mind, the Kitsu Stone of Body, and the Kitsu Stone of Soul. They can only be found by completing a series of challenging puzzles within the game. However, the champion’s hard work in collecting the Kitsu Stones will be paid off by the Easter Egg prize.

The Big Reward

After passing the in-game puzzle test and successfully collecting Kitsu Stones and the Easter Egg, there’s a final quest with huge rewards awaiting.

The Winner will be entitled to:

  1. All existing Kitsu Tokens that have by the developer.
  2. The source code of the Kitsu Game.

So, He / She will have the authority to change, replace, edit, and delete the game’s rules.


  • Race with no time limit

Be the fastest to complete the mission, with no time limit, with the help of various weapons and skills.

  • 40 levels to be unlocked

There is 40 level that can be periodically unlocked. Each must meet the requirements of the three-star qualification.

  • Socialize and interact

Decide whether you want to play alone as a single player or play with friends across the globe.

  • The Multiplayer feature makes the game experience more interactive and more fun.
  • The Team Player feature allows players to work together to achieve missions and maximize rewards.
  • 3D model view

Rotate, zoom, and move objects to see detailed 3D designs of the Hero and her car easily and quickly. It is a satisfying feature to enjoy graphics with a lot of fine details.

  • AR Support

Augmented Reality (AR) technology support allows players to view the character of Kitsu from various preferred angles. In addition, players can also race in AR mode and boost the realistic gameplay.

The Kitsu Game Characters

Each of KITSU’s characters is given a Japanese-inspired nickname.

  • Kazumi (和美): a harmonious beauty
  • Kaori (香り): a perfume/scent
  • Naomi (なおみ): the prettiest
  • Haruka S (春花): a spring flower
  • Tiago C (チアゴ): a woman who loves staying productive
  • Mayumi (真優美): the gentleness of a true beauty
  • Hana (はな): a flower
  • Keiko (けいこ): the lucky girl
  • Nana (七): 7 (the lucky number)


KITSU GAME is the newest play-and-earn blockchain gaming project, offering a seamless experience for gamers and developers looking to participate in lucrative Play-and-earn opportunities.

KITSU will also focus on NFT projects with exclusive membership benefits to enter the game developer community, represent and trade in-game characters and cars, and provide merchandise and utilities to NFT holders.

Players can earn special NFTs and KITSU tokens by participating in the race.



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