Why Clan of Creatures will surpass Marvel and Disney Comics in the next decade?

August 31 20:26 2022
Why Clan of Creatures will surpass Marvel and Disney Comics in the next decade?

Clan of Creatures is a comic brand that is predicted to surpass Marvel and Disney Comics in the next decade or so due to various reasons. Hence, enthusiasts are flocking in to get their hands on the NFTs offered by Clan of Creatures aka COC.  Therefore, if you are unfamiliar with COC then you have to understand everything about COC (Link article No. 1) coupled with the following reasons why the Clan of Creatures will surpass Marvel and Disney Comics. 

Why clan of Creatures will surpass Marvel and Disney Comics in the next decade 

Here are the major reasons why COC will eventually surpass Marvel and Disney Comics!

Vision and Execution of Clan of Creatures by Early Entry into NFTs and Metaverse 

COC is leading the way when it comes to vision and execution! Marvel and Disney are lagging to enter into the world of NFTs and Metaverse and focusing on the old-school methods. 

Contrary to that, COC is rapidly increasing its follower in the new space of NFTs and Metaverse. Once, COC manages to capture the early market share, it would be difficult to snatch it! Remember, Marvel and Disney Comics had more than 50% market share of printed comics in the US and the new ventures were unable to take that share. 

Now, history is repeating itself, and the printed comics are replaced with a new revolution of NFTs, and COC is leading the way! 

Successfully building a Connection between NFTs and Comics

The most complicated issue for any startup is to build a connection with the audience and their product or service. COC has successfully built a connection between its NFT collection and comics. Now, COC is leveraging this connection between NFTs and Comics to build a strong community around COC

Meanwhile, Marvel and Disney’s comics are still lagging to build a connection between NFTs and comics. Hence, the speed of COC is much higher, and therefore, it will be able to capture a huge market share in the NFT comics’ space due to early adopters! 

Generational Gap between COC and Marvel and Disney 

Marvel and Disney, both were good comics and they have given a lot to the world. However, they are losing their popularity in the next generation. The biggest evidence of this loss can be seen in the United States, where Disney comics have lost significant market share in the previous decades. Although, still, Disney Comics are popular in Europe; it looks like it is just a matter of time now and the question is shifted from if to when! Meanwhile, COC is creating new opportunities to connect with the next generation with the perfect blend of NFTs, comics, and movies. 

Hence, it is crystal clear that at the turn of events, COC will be the winner and the early investors of COC will earn in the same way as early investors of Marvel and Disney had made generational wealth! Let’s see, who will be able to grab this opportunity of investing in the COC NFT collection and who will miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity!

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