BDaaSWorx Announces Its Launch in the Big Data as a Service Space

August 31 20:38 2022
BDaaSWorx Announces Its Launch in the Big Data as a Service Space

ORLANDO, FL – August 31, 2022 – BDaaSWorx, a brand-new “Big Data as a Service” has announced its official launch. BDaaSWorx is a cutting-edge state-of-the-art data center company that will very quickly be leading the way in the new spectrum of the next generation of the internet known as Web3.

Currently, the global data market is projected to grow by 500% in the next three years. In addition, high-volume data markets like VR/Metaverse, AI, 3D videos, cloud gaming, big data, etc, have performance requirements that simply aren’t being met in today’s market. This has left a void in the market waiting for the next innovation in processing power.

BDaaSWorx anticipated this void even three years ago when it decided to begin recruiting some of the most talented data scientists in the world to help launch and find flaws in the system. What was produced from this effort is that performance levels exceeded to provide stability to even the world’s most complicated data demands. The development of the Metaverse infrastructure will help businesses develop in VR, and it will also help people come together in ways they never thought possible.

“Big Data as a Service” overall is huge news for the data industry as a whole as there has been exponential growth in this sector consistently for quarter after quarter. This will allow companies to retrieve real-time data, at volume consistently. This allows users to pivot in whatever sector they feel can be improved upon. 

Interestingly enough BDaaSWorx, in a very “Robin Hood-esque” move, decided to create a way that consumers can become a part of the infrastructure of Web3. By owning units of the hardware used to power BDaaSWorx’s enterprise-level services consumers will benefit from the service fees earned by these systems.


BDaaSWorx is a data services business with some of the most efficient data processing services available. It was created to allow businesses, entertainment, and community users alike to interact with each other to create a better and more efficient tomorrow for everyone. Using nothing but the most innovative technology around, BDaaSWorx is a step into the next generation of the internet and how we all connect.

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