Tulsi Brings Wellness That Extends Beyond The Treatment Room.

August 31 21:04 2022

Tulsi has developed a cutting-edge well-being community mixing innovation with the timeless wisdom of natural medicine.

Tulsi’s approach starts with figuring out the root cause of illness and not just the patient’s symptoms. The founders of Tulsi, Dr. Devin Stone, Christian del Rosario and Natasha Macleay launched a new practice membership that is $199 per month. The doctors aim to provide a natural based treatment plan to help you obtain optimal health and to grow alongside you.

The Membership Includes: 

  • 5 Naturopathic Doctors Visits

  • 5 Health Coach Visits

  • 2 Comprehensive Functional Lab Tests (Bi-Annually)

  • Access to Advanced Lab Testing

  • 20% off All Treatments

  • 20% off All Supplements and Products

Tulsi is a new age wellness club for exploring patient’s well-being interests in an agreeable, fun, and enlightening climate.  The Naturopathic wellness center (Tulsi) is the new standard for treating the root of disease. The team of Tulsi treats the entire individual with intentional, long-lasting plans.

The name Tulsi, basically Holy basil, has been utilized in medicine for thousands of years to reinstate the spirit and streamline physical and mental prosperity. So, like the plant of Tulsi, a patient’s well-being is holy. When the patients come into the center, from this moment, the patient will experience the healing of being a part of the Tulsi community.

The team of the Naturopathic Doctors at Tulsi stay up to date with the most recent clinical advancement because each patient deserves the best treatment. So for a low monthly cost you can get access to our team and work on your health at a foundational level. We aim to not just bandaid your ills but provide a sustainable and functional wellness plan for each of our members.

The Naturopathic wellness club at Tulsi provides specialized patient care, combining the most recent advancements in medicine with natural based treatment plans that have withstood the trial of time. As you work with a Naturopathic Doctor to find the underlying reason for your health concerns, the team will make a customized treatment plan to support your health goals.

Utilizing the most recent advancements in naturopathic medicine, regenerative medication, digestive health, diet and nutrition, hormone optimization, lifestyle modifications and more, each patient will be on their way to optimal health.

Tulsi introduces various sorts of herbal treatments and medicines and therapy as well, like naturopathy, prp injections, IV vitamin therapy, herbal supplements, microneedling aesthetics, advanced lab testing and more.

About a founder of Tulsi, Dr. Devin Stone

Devin Stone’s methodology focuses on the need to look at the entire individual while making a treatment plan. For the majority of his life, Devin Stone has been working in the clinical science area. Dr.Devin Stone believes that Tulsi not only centres around physical and mental viewpoints, yet environmental, social, and way of life too. He is focusing on Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine; a portion of areas marked include Hormone replacement therapy, Regenerative Joint Therapies, Aesthetics, Gut Health, Diet and Nutrient Therapy, and much more. Devin Stone has additionally acquired various certifications as well such as nutrition from Stanford and cancer support from John Hopkins. 

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