Launching of New GameFi – Rally Warriors

August 31 21:28 2022

Rally Warriors – an NFT GameFi ecosystem built on the Binance Smart Chain, is set to officially launch its first game Rally Warriors in the near future. It is a turn-based card game where the player’s goal is to eliminate all of their opponents. Players can install the Rally Warriors mobile and PC versions soon.

The new game exists in a metaverse defined and shared by the community with a sustainable economic system. The characters on the platform are NFTs that can be battled, raised, and synthesized. Designed for both newbies and experts, the game combines simple combat rules and skill mechanisms with exciting and challenging infinite strategy combinations.

We are excited and ready to bring people together to the Rally Warriors metaverse with the first game on this platform. It is a milestone and the beginning of our journey to become an inclusive, passionate and creative community. We hope the community will enjoy the Rally Warriors game, and look forward to building future adventures and experiences.

The Rally Warriors is a combat game whose components include characters like Hunter, Prince, ELF, Wingman, Blacktab and Palandin in both PvE and PvP modes. The PvE mode has an adventure mode and is constantly being optimized through community feedback. A training mode is currently being developed to make it even easier for beginners to get started. Players are automatically matched against another player based on their rankings.

Stay tuned and follow our social media updates – Twitter, Discord and Telegram closely as we are releasing exciting news for the Rally Warriors community!

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