UpTrend – The New Social Media Boosting Platform That Pays Users to Share

October 11 02:00 2022
Revolutionary new platform Uptrend is creating a community of social media users to help boost each other’s posts and popularity across multiple sites. Their methods are helping any social media user monetize their own platforms.

Social media has become a massive part of society. With numerous platforms to choose from, people are able to be connected to each other far closer than they ever were in the past. Social media has given many the chance to develop friendships and relationships with others all over the world, and has also boosted numerous people into new-found fame. 

With this fame comes the opportunity to monetize one’s social media platform. Whether through payments from the platform itself for views and likes or through sponsored posts for companies looking to promote their products and services. Without a large platform, however, it’s very difficult to gain sponsorships or make anything off of views and likes. Getting that large platform can be almost impossible with chance, viral videos, or years of effort depending on your following. 

UpTrend is changing this for many. The new platform is building a community of individuals to boost each other’s social media following and engagement in order to begin monetizing. 

How it works

UpTrend works with the engagement of its growing community of social media users. A user can take an existing social media post, or create a new one through the platform, then upload it to UpTrend for their active community to see. Once the post is live on the platform, the rest of the UpTrend community springs into action. 

They begin to boost the post with likes, views, comments, and shares. This ups the engagement on the post and gets it out to a much larger audience. With the content of the original poster shared by multiple UpTrend users, the followers of those users now see and engage with content that they may not otherwise have seen.

Not only do UpTrend users have the benefit of getting their posts boosted and engaged, but when they boost other users’ posts, they get paid from UpTrend based on how much additional engagement they were able to generate from their followers. 

With the start of UpTrend users now organically engaging & sharing the original post, it kickstarts the social media algorithm, bringing more and more traction, which ultimately leads to viral videos and posts.


The secret to gaining traction and popularity across all social media platforms is engagement. These sites are programmed to determine which posts are receiving the most attention and engagement from other users to decide which ones to boost. 

Viral videos and additional engagement are what grow an account and get it to the point where monetization is possible. UpTrend rewards their users in multiple ways, adding to their engagement and social media popularity while paying them for engaging with the other users in the UpTrend community. This assistance will also be useful for social media marketing for businesses or entrepreneurs looking to increase their engagement and audience to help their businesses grow. 

Regardless of the reason, UpTrend can help build a strong social media foundation for any of their users.

In anticipation for the launch of their platform, UpTrend is giving a little taste of getting paid to share social media content. Anyone can join their invite competition with a $5000 prize pool. Top 100 referrers are paid! There is also a live demo of how the platform will look and feel right on the website. To check it out and learn more go to https://uptrendapp.io 

UpTrend is excited to announce that the full platform launch will be January 2023. For early access to start sharing social media posts and earn money for it, users can sign up on their website or enter the invite contest to participate.

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