Fashionable Sustainable: Seattle Designer Joshua Tasdemir (@jjDemir on instagram) Aims to Make Sustainable Fashion Hot Again

October 11 02:24 2022

Demir founder, Joshua Tasdemir has set into motion a new wave of accessories with timelessness in mind.

“Demir is more than just a side hustle for me. It’s really a way of life for me. I believe everything I do in life should have an impact for the better, including my designs.”

Joshua who says “grew up relatively broke” had learned a lot in his younger years on the topic of consumerism and buying behaviors.

“My classmates seemed to always be buying this and that so aimlessly, they never seemed satisfied even though they had way more than me.”

Joshua is building his brand Demir on the ideal that minimalism isn’t anti-consumerism but in fact a focus on being ultra selective with what, why, and how consumers choose to make purchases.

“Look, consumerism isn’t going anywhere, we all need things, but this idea that we need multiple of things is trashing our planet. Take your time, be intentional, save a little extra money if its needed, buy something that is well made, timeless in design and quality. You will never regret owning something you can pass down and still be proud of its condition when you do so.”

Demir is a small scale label out of Seattle that focuses on accessories including leather goods and wearables like jewelry or sunglasses, but Joshua says he has plans to eventually get into clothing as well.

“I think there is a HUGE future for brands in this space, I had let go of the idea of selling thousands and thousands of products and chose to find success in connecting with the individual who identifies with what I have designed and produced. Theres less pressure in that creative space, I can design something and only produce fifty units of it, you know? It becomes less about volume and more about intentionality.”

Joshua spoke on the future of fashion in ties to the future of the earth. He wants people to get that there is still an opportunity to enjoy life, make purchases, have individual style, and be excited about new things while at the same time retaining balance.

“There’s a ton of doom and gloom floating around the world right now, I am by no means blaming fast fashion or other types of consumerism for the current state of this industry. I am suggesting that we take back control. There is an opportunity to create change while being apart of something fresh, exciting and fashionable.”

Joshua is open to people following him and his brand both, he wants to be a point of communication on the topic as well as let his brand speak for itself.

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