Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer Presents a Riveting Tale of Young Girls Fighting for a Better Life in Her New Book, “To Save a Child”

October 11 01:42 2022
The revealing and heart-wrenching book is timely as it captures the struggles and hope of immigrants to the United States

A good book gives its readers access to a range of experiences, either good or bad. The love of a new couple, the historical monuments in faraway cities, the thrill of diving into the sea, and even the loss of a cherished friend can be genuinely felt when readers are immersed in the pages of a book. Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer’s new book, To Save a Child, leads the reader on a winding path of human existence, stirring an appreciation of one’s privileges while revealing the not-so- ordinary daily life of its characters.

To Save a Child is a deep story about two little girls who desire to escape their home country of Guatemala because of the incessant uprisings and deadly revolutions that break the peace in their nation. The girls hope to make a life for themselves in the land of opportunity, the United States, by going through the legal borders and following the right processes of immigration. Their decision to go through the legal route, owing to their high moral values and proper upbringing, is met with tough resistance. The story is one of courage and pure determination as the girls’ attempts for a better life fail and they go back to their grandmother in Guatemala. Interestingly, the young girl pictured in the book is the daughter of the author’s Guatemalan friend, Maria Estrada, and the model’s outfit mirrors the unfortunate circumstances of young children living in that unrestful country.

Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer’s book introduces a character named Rick Harrow, a British-born racehorse trainer who has fallen on hard times after his best owners died in quick succession. The reader is also introduced to his wife, Hillary, whom Rick calls “Happy” and who was born in the Kentucky Hills with a unique accent. The story pays obeisance to the professional racehorse trainers that the author, Beatrice Fairbanks Cayzer, has worked with over the years. Her family has groomed horses for decades as her father-in-law, Lord High Sheriff of Northamptonshire, was a successful racehorse owner and breeder whose horse, Bouquet, was the dam of Airborne, an English Derby winner. Beatrice is also the owner of several winning racehorses, one of which won the Royal Ascot. The story was written to appreciate this dedicated group of people.

To Save a Child is available for readers on Amazon, with the Kindle and paperback copies selling for $2.99 and $7.99, respectively.  

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