60-year-old university in Azerbaijan: How is Sumgait State University changing?

October 11 02:36 2022

Sumgayit, one of the largest cities of Azerbaijan, has gone through a great development path, expanding the scale of its successes each year in the direction of becoming a modern industrial center. Having received the status of a city in 1949, city of Sumgayit founded its network of large enterprises and became one of the major industrial centers of the country in a short period. Moreover, the city has achieved great success in the fields of culture, science, education and others in the past. Nowadays, Sumgayit, one of the fastest growing cities in Azerbaijan, is the second largest industrial center of the South Caucasus. Sumgait State University (SSU), the only educational institution of the city, played an significant role in the formation and comprehensive development of Sumgayit as an industrial city. Sumgait State University contributes to the development of science, education and culture not only in the city, but also in Azerbaijan as a whole.

Sumgait State University, founded in 1962, is already one of the prestigious higher education institutions of Azerbaijan. Celebrating its 60th anniversary this year, the University is taking successful steps by benefiting from advanced international experience, the successes of the national education system, and 60 years of rich traditions.

In addition to being a scientific and educational institution, SSU is also successfully developing its activities in all areas as the intellectual and cultural center of the city. New teaching and scientific-research laboratories created in accordance with the requirements of the modern era, several structural changes, newly installed “smart boards” in the auditoriums, year-by-year expansion of international relations and other implemented projects all reflect the rich image of the university full of innovations.

Effective use of innovative training methods and technologies, updating the content of education and improving its quality, integrating into the international educational space is one of the most important conditions for the modernization of the university’s educational system. From this point of view, SSU shows great interest in the exchange of experience and implements it. Since its entry into this educational system, SSU has taken confident steps in fulfilling the tasks defined by the Bologna educational process, to which most European countries have joined. The university switched to the academic credit system from the 2007-2008 academic year. At the moment, both levels of education are taught with a credit system.

At the moment, Sumgait State University has 7 faculties (Mathematics, Physics and Electroenergetics, Engineering, Chemistry and Biology, History and Geography, Economics and management, Philology), 29 departments, 6 scientific research laboratories, Teaching Methodological Center, Doctorate and Master’s department, Scientific department, Department of foreign students and other institutions. Specialist training for philosophy and doctor of science programs is conducted at the university.

Sumgait State University is closest to the capital and in the very center of industry, and at the same time, it prepares specialists in both humanitarian and applied specialties and is the only higher education institution in the region.

The university has partnerships with many prestigious universities of the world. The scientists of the university cooperate with the world’s major universities and research centers.

One of the main goals of Sumgait State University is to become a university that meets international standards, has innovative, high rated, highly qualified personnel, to enter the world ranking lists and to have the status of an international university. At the same time, expansion of relations with leading foreign educational institutions, implementation of international double diploma programs are among the main goals.

Ensuring the training university graduates as highly qualified personnel, strengthening the position and raising the prestige of the university in the field of educational activities at the national and international levels, realizing the creative potential of scientists, postgraduate and undergraduate students, expanding their scientific relations and creating conditions for publishing the results of scientific research are also among the main priorities of the university.

One of the main missions of the university is to ensure the training its graduates as highly qualified personnel, to strengthen the position of the university in the field of educational activities at the national and international level, to raise its status, the potential of scientists, postgraduate and undergraduate students, to expand their scientific relations, and to create conditions for the publication of scientific research results.

In the university, important projects are being implemented in the direction of realizing the scientific potential of students, preparing the most talented graduates for scientific and pedagogical activities, and creating conditions for moral and financial encouragement of talented students.

On the eve of its 60th anniversary, Sumgait State University has another mission: to raise the education system to a new, higher level in accordance with the challenges of the globalised world and further increase the quality of education.

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