Kickstarter Success Story ‘Secret Whiteboard’ is Now Available to Order.

October 11 03:20 2022
Fresh off delivering Secret Whiteboard to its backers on Kickstarter, Sable Flow is bringing its massively successful project Secret Whiteboard to the general public.


Whiteboards have long been an essential piece of our offices and homes. They are truly helpful to organize our work, thoughts, and household. The problem is how ugly and dominating they are in the room, not to mention making cleanup and hosting a nightmare. Today, with so many of us working from home, they make having that work/life balance all the more difficult.

There must be a better way! That is exactly what Tomer Soran asked himself, and the answer is in the form of his unique creation, “Secret Whiteboard”: A stylish art frame that opens like a book to reveal a hidden recessed magnetic whiteboard inside. Finally you can have the whiteboard of your dreams without sacrificing your space or style. A must have for every home office, sales team, kitchen, or playroom.

Tomer Soran’s company Sable Flow created Secret Whiteboard with aesthetics and versatility in mind because the boundaries between business and home life are thinner than ever. 

What makes Secret Whiteboard unique is that it appears as a beautiful hanging print frame on first look, but the secret is literally inside. It opens up to expose a magnetic whiteboard that makes any space multifunctional. Ideal for both office and home, when launched on Kickstarter, Secret Whiteboard made a big splash. After delivering the product successfully to the backers on Kickstarter, the company behind the project, Sable Flow, has now announced that it is available for the general public to order.

The story behind Secret Whiteboard.

Most people did not have a work-from-home setup before the pandemic. Now, many have been forced to re-evaluate the purpose and layout of their homes and set-ups due to the exponential increase of the remote work movement.

Tomer Soran, the creator of Secret Whiteboard, sought to find a way to organize his business ideas without having them take over his small Austin apartment while he worked at the kitchen table. Tomer developed Secret Whiteboard as a tool to outline goals and brainstorm, while actually improving the aesthetic of his home for hosting.

Secret Whiteboard’s recessed interior offers ample storage for the included magnetic cleaning cloth, marker and wooden magnets to help you clear the clutter and clear your mind. Made from FSC-certified wood so you can rest easy about having it in your home. Designed to adapt to the user: each board comes with included art,  but you can slide it out to swap for your favorite piece in seconds. With multiple frame sizes and color options, it fits any home or business area. It includes mounting hardware and template, Free shipping in the US and a 30 day satisfaction guarantee

By providing a tool that encourages productivity and organization, Secret Whiteboard enables users to “switch off work” at the end of the day. It converts from a useful whiteboard to attractive wall art, a practical,  mature upgrade that reduces physical and mental clutter.

The road ahead.

Sable Flow will be coming out with more products and partnerships. The company is also developing an artist community to provide customers with curated artwork so they have more options to fill their frames and create spaces that inspire them.

Speaking to the media, the founder of Sable Flow, Tomer Soran said, “Sable Flow is dedicated to empowering our friends to create aesthetic spaces that they can feel confident and inspired in. To make finding your flow state easier.”

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