Birol Bahadir announces the release of his memoir “Between Two Worlds”

October 11 19:32 2022
Between Two Worlds presents the challenges of living in a foreign land

Birol Bahadir has recently released his latest book to offer a detailed insight into the lives of immigrants who have settled in foreign countries. His powerful memoir takes you on a journey brilliantly highlighting the lives of immigrants torn between two different realities. 

Immigrants are primarily attracted to places replete with economic opportunities to land a good job offering a lucrative salary. Though the immigrants are merely driven by an economic motive and a desire to live a quality life, they end up often being blamed for social problems in their host community. From unemployment and heightened crime levels to even terrorism in some serious cases, immigrants are always at the receiving end of an approach governed by racial prejudice. 

In his heartfelt memoir, Bahadir discusses his journey as a member of a struggling immigrant household in the US. Hailing from Turkey, his family moved to Germany, hoping for a better future. Bahadir’s book contains several themes relatable to international and Turkish readers. Through his book, he aims to inspire people, especially immigrants, and convey a heartening message: you aren’t alone in this.

About the Author

Birol Bahadir was born in a small German town in the year 1967. His family had immigrated from Turkey in search of a better future for their children. The book Between Two Worlds is Bahadir’s intimate take on the experiences he faced throughout life. In his captivating book, he chooses an unconventional yet moving route to explain relationships, Islamophobia, racism, and immigrant struggles. 

Birol Bahadir is proof that the American Dream can be achieved. He worked in construction and then went on to establish his own business. He achieved this feat through hard work despite suffering from discrimination, homelessness, and depression. He bravely faced every hurdle life threw at him, and the book reflects on his life’s journey from start to finish. The book narrates a struggle that all immigrants can relate to, starting from Birol’s journey to Germany and finally to the United States.

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