Free Village Offers Its Range of Impressive Ice Makers

October 12 00:06 2022

 Free Village is one of the leading brands in the ice maker industry that prides itself on providing customers with the ultimate ice making experience and generally enhancing their quality of life. Free Village is known for its efficient and cost-friendly products, which have maintained that reputation.

After the launch of the portable ice maker, Free Village has been well received for high-end young consumers. Whether for home, office, outdoor or commercial use, its range of ice maker enables consumers to achieve ice freedom anytime, anywhere, bringing coolness and comfort to life.

If one is looking for a high-performance ice maker, look no further than these ice machines from Free Village to impress!

Free Village Self-Cleaning 26Lbs/24H Ice Maker Machine for Countertop


This machine is equipped with an upgraded compressor, enabling it capable of making 9 ice cubes in only 5-8 minutes, which translates to a rate of 26.5lbs of ice cubes in 24 hours. The ice maker’s operational decibel level does not exceed 45Db, making the ice-making experience very quiet and convenient. It also has a quiet cooling fan, which also increases its durability. The ice maker has the game changing self-cleaning function, activated by only holding down the power button. The ice also comes in the shape of a bullet, ensuring that it does not stick or melt easily. The device is portable and lightweight,  easy to move around.


Free Village Self-Cleaning 26.5Lbs/24H Ice Maker Countertop Machine


This machine is capable of producing 9 ice bullets in only 6 minutes, translating to a rate of 26.5 pounds in 24 hours. The compact ice maker is easy and convenient to move around dye to its light weight and its carrying handle. It comes equipped with an indicator that alerts a user whenever the basket fills up or whenever the machine requires more water. The countertop ice maker only needs two steps to make ice, adding water and turning on the switch. It also self-cleans, relieving a user of the burden of having to clean it himself. The ice maker uses novel condensing technology, enabling the water to quickly condense and freeze into ice, all while being relatively silent.


Free Village Self-Cleaning 40Lbs/24H Ice Maker Countertop Machine


This ice maker can impressively produce 24 ice cubes in 13-18 minutes, translating to an astounding rate of 40Lbs/24H. Best of all, users can adjust the thickness of the ice cubes according to their needs, just enjoy a cold drink whenever they need. It has an LCD display and user-friendly interface. The self-cleaning function is activated by holding the “TIMER” button for more than 5 seconds. The machine holds up to 2.2 liters of water, and can produce 120 ice cubes when filled to capacity. The recycling system collects melted water, ensuring no water goes to waste. The machine uses high quality compressors, ensuring the ice produced is of top quality. The cooling system is also a quiet one, ensuring energy is saved and minimizing noise pollution.


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