New Vehicle in One Click: Car Sales Go Online

October 11 20:57 2022
Indy Auto Man experts explain how digitalization has been changing the used car market.

The US used car market enters the digital dimension and brings the possibility to buy and even sell vehicles remotely across the states. Indy Auto Man experts explain how it works.

“Facilitating processes, saving time, and providing safety are our main priorities when creating services. Online used car sales is a big step in the development of the automotive industry.” 

Digitization and the pandemic have led to the expansion of online businesses, and the automotive market is no exception. The closure of dealerships and the ban on mass events have made car sales via the Internet a global business trend.

The Indy Auto Man used car dealership went further. Customers can not only buy a car a hundred percent online but also sell a vehicle from the comfort of their homes. The US dealer is ready to visit the client, appraise the vehicle, pay on the spot, and take the car to the dealership free of charge. Now Indy Auto Man serves Indiana and the neighboring states – Chicago, Ohio, and Kentucky, but they do not exclude the possibility of expanding the area of service.

“For the majority of the population, the traditional purchase of a new car at a dealership may become a thing of the past,” – believes Victor Figlin, the GM at Indy Auto Man. “There is no risk of buying a new vehicle online. With a used one, it sounds more exotic. But selling your car online is the solution, which is gaining popularity day by day. With all the benefits of financial transparency and personal safety, car owners save a lot of time. The preliminary estimation is done online based on the car papers and photos. The final price is set after the serviceman’s inspection, which can be done at your place – be it office parking or a country house within any of the neighboring states. Now, this format can become one of the most popular.”

According to the IBIS research agency, the online sales segment has expanded significantly. The market size of the online car sales industry is $45.1bn in 2022, and it is expected to be 4.7% this year.

Online broadcasts provide official dealers with an incredible audience reach during new car sales compared to traditional offline automotive presentations. The digital showroom can gain from 5 to 30 thousand views due to marketing moves and the participation of opinion leaders, while only about 300-500 visitors wish to gather in a dealership. In addition, online presentations are great advertising for car brands and dealers. 

As for used car dealerships, it is the same opportunity to reach a wider audience but also provide customers with a better choice of options and save their time at the dealer center. Customers can get a video walk-around of the car they chose. It’s not the same as a test drive in person, but it helps dismiss the vehicles with unsatisfactory condition or damages from the buyer’s wish list.

The main disadvantage of online car sales is the lack of tactile contact with the vehicle. A customer can’t feel the comfort of the cabin, breathe in its smell and take a test drive. Otherwise, car purchase online is the same as in a dealership. And such a sales channel gradually gains its clientele for Indy Auto Man among entrepreneurs and busy people, thanks to the 7-day exchange and 30-day best price guarantee. 

Among the main advantages of online purchases is the ability to pay directly from home, which is especially vital for those who want to buy a vehicle in another state. The contract is signed during the car transfer. Until this moment, the customer and the car dealer are bound by a public offer. In the case of a loan, documents for approval are mailed to the client, to be signed in front of a notary. Customers can get a car both at the dealership and with home delivery. Thus, it is possible to become a new car owner without visiting a dealership – it will be delivered right to your doorstep.

Most people in the US keep selling and buying cars in person, but we are close to the time when online car sales will no longer be an exception.  

It is even possible that over time, customers will pick the car using artificial intelligence, which accumulates information about the user: interests, family members, frequency of business trips and volume of household purchases, monthly expenses, etc. A smart assistant will present the vehicle, calculate the cost of a loan or insurance, and even help place an order.

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