Terry Jones Brings Life Into The Biography Of A Satsuma Student

October 12 05:12 2022
Terry Jones Brings Life Into The Biography Of A Satsuma Student

In the 19th century Satsuma students were sent to foreign countries in hopes of bringing more knowledge to the Japanese states. They were sent in groups and visited multiple countries to help bring the country to a newer update. These trips were dangerous and punishable by death if caught by the Japanese government.

The youngest of this group was a young man named Kanaye Nagasawa. He was only thirteen years old when he was sent with the group of nineteen who risked their lives for the betterment of the people.

Terry Jones has managed to capture the feelings of the young lad in this book.

Terry has put life into the character of Nagasawa and has expanded the biography of the man who brought so much to his country for the development of their domain. This book brings Nagasawa”s sentiments, emotions, and character forward.

Kanaye entered the door of Linn Lilla and immediately felt compelled to sit. With his eyes closed, the samurai of Fountaingrove took a deep breath, and a calm came over him. Then, he had the feeling of being lifted, lifted up into the sky with wind blowing him.He opened his eyes and found himself soaring above the clouds on the back of the phoenix… the firebird that symbolized rebirth was taking Kanaye to the mythical paradise of Amida. It made sense. Kanaye relaxed and leaned into the feathers of the great bird’s back.

A glimpse into the book is sure to entice the reader and engulf them in the interesting life Kanaye had lived.

Dated: August 26, 2022
ISBN: 978-1915424785
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