What exactly are the Advantages of the New Trend of Dtop Universal Carnival Distributed E-Commerce?

October 15 09:16 2022

The current global consumption trends have gradually revealed new era characteristics such as online, fragmentation and personalization. The explosion of mobile Internet and the arrival of the covid-19 pandemic have greatly changed the shopping habits of global consumers and accelerated the pace of innovation of enterprises.

Distributed Private-Traffic e-commerce opens up a new Organic Growth channel, which might be more affordable. As result, Cost Per Clicks, and Search Engine Optimization competition might soften. Distributed e-commerce lead to cost advantages on customer acquisition cost.

In these times of increasing volatility in the world situation and economic trends, which can be described as both crisis and opportunity, a new generation of e-commerce entrepreneurs is vigorously embracing the industry dividends brought about by new technologies and trends.

Dtop Universal Carnival distributed e-commerce, empower by Web 3.0 blockchain technology to pioneer a new e-commerce model that delivers products and services to consumers through the introduction of new channels. Companies and distributors use data to improve supply chain visualization, optimize operations, and the true eternal value for each user. Gaining revenue through consumer investment turns the act of consumption into an act of investment.


Three Main Advantages of the Dtop Distributed E-Commerce Model:

1.Dtop distributed e-commerce not only has the advantages of centralized e-commerce, its features in the distribution industry can also quickly integrate both ends.

Dtop distributed e-commerce, not to subvert the existing channel distribution pattern, but the integration and upgrading of the dealer group, enjoy the convenience of one-stop purchasing services available to dealers, not only that but also to assist merchants to complete channel distribution, sales assistance and promotion, so as to quickly integrate the two ends and form a whole industry service chain.

2.Dtop distributed e-commerce itself is a combination of “self-operated + platform”, and thus has strong dynamics and competitiveness.

The main body of the Dtop distributed e-commerce is the distributor, but the role played by the distributor has shifted. The architecture is designed to include three roles.

1). platform owners, platform operators are further divided into two forms: sole proprietorship and partnership

2). Platform buyers, or platform suppliers, consist of dealers and distributors worldwide

3). Platform service providers, consisting of the dealer’s existing employees and distributors

Overall, the Dtop distributed e-commerce is both self-operated (because the platform operator is also a platform buyer) and has the attributes of a platform (all dealers can be on the platform as buyers), which is a combination of “self-operated + platform”. Self-operated can balance the revenue and competition of the platform, while the platform mainly meets the one-stop shopping needs of end customers. The two complement each other and coexist and progress, while if there is only self-operated or platform, it will have many limitations and lack of foresight.

3.Dtop distributed e-commerce has the renowned products, users, traffic and inventory resources needed for business clients.What resources does the platform give to global distributors?

1). Inherent brand representation and distribution network

2). Large and abundant traffic and inventory

3). Logistics, warehousing, customer service, education and other operational elements

Dtop rolling out partnership with international logistics provider, upping its integrated network of service delivery centers and providing our user a quick and secure multi-currency settlements. In result, it will be able to integrate and maintain customer resources through private domain traffic pools to generate orders and repeat purchases.


Dtop Universal Carnival distributed cross-border e-commerce model, the reason why it has won the favor of investors, with Dtop platform, being more cost-efficient than others for global product sourcing which able to provide high-quality brand and supply chain services, the implementation of the “platform + business owner” mode of operation, it can achieve lower costs and higher efficiency than the centralized e-commerce. Such a business model is extremely resilient, in order to achieve sustainable value creation, is a valuable business, is depressed values, or is the real business, money-making business, in order to perpetuate the development.

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