Launches a New Platform For Crypto Investors, Collectors, and Artists

October 17 16:34 2022 is a premium NFT and crypto marketplace designed to launch and promote NFT collections of its members.

The crypto space is booming, embracing dozens of fresh projects, marketplaces, tokens, and currencies each day. With sparked competition inspiring new creators to provide as much value to their customers as possible, many are searching for a dependable platform to showcase their tokens and collections. is the latest NFT and crypto marketplace owned by Cristian Nedelcu and created to serve as a place where NFT creators and project leaders can launch their collections of non-fungible tokens, forge new partnerships, and meet potential collaborators.

According to the company’s spokesperson, was built to cater to the needs of digital artists and NFT collectors by bringing them true value and utility, stating:

“Our vision was born out of the need we saw in the blockchain industry and NFT market; more and more NFT marketplaces are flooded with so-called “art” without or with a very low intrinsic value while real artists are struggling to survive. So, we decided to build a system that would bring real value in the lives of artists, collectors, investors, as well as assets from real life,” said’s spokesperson.

This company is on a mission to launch, market, and empower NFT collections launched on its platform, help metaverses flourish, and support crypto real estate projects with tangible assets. The end goal of is to create a community in which all artists, investors, and crypto enthusiasts will have ample opportunities to grow and take part in the making of history. 

As’s spokesperson said, the platform will be more than just a marketplace for non-fungible tokens. It will enable creators and owners of NFT real estate and collections to find potential collaborators, skyrocket the reach of their collections, and achieve predictable, consistent results. 

The main draw of lies in approachability. The company’s spokesperson imparted that “for the first time in the world, people with modest budgets, young people, entrepreneurs, and students have the opportunity to own one or more NFTestates that can allow them to invest a small amount of money in an investment that has an open connection in the luxury real estate market.”

More information about is available on the company’s official website

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