Retrolife Launches Record Players with 15W External Speakers

October 17 15:50 2022
Retrolife Launches Record Players with 15W External Speakers
record players with speakers

Retrolife, a turntable systems specialist, has announced a new product, the record players with speakers, ideal for audiophiles and retro music enthusiasts. The product is designed for those listeners who enjoy the medium of vinyl records but also want to be able to play audio from other devices such as their mobile phones or tablets.

Retrolife is excited to announce that it has begun shipping its latest innovation in turntables. The NEW R612 record player with speakers has been redesigned by Retrolife to be both an ideal turntable and a high-quality stereo system. This new addition to the Retrolife line of turntables features a three-speed turntable, AM/FM radio, cassette player, and CD player. The R612 is also equipped with a pair of full-range speakers for high-quality audio reproduction. A master volume control knob allows users to set the volume from the source, meaning that users can adjust the output of the speakers without affecting the vinyl playback.

“We were surprised and pleased by the interest in our last product, the Record Player Classic, that had no speakers”, said a Retrolife’s Sales Director. “There are many people who enjoy listening to vinyl records but who don’t want to sacrifice space for a large stereo system. We wanted to keep the retro look of our existing record players but also provide a way for users to listen to other music sources”.

The new speakers turntable stereo is based on Retrolife’s existing record player designs. It uses a belt-driven system with an arm that can be manually positioned over either side of the record and has an adjustable stylus tracking force. In addition, The Retrolife record player with speakers can connect wirelessly to any Bluetooth-enabled device with state-of-the-art technology. The latest generation of this product also features a USB input so that anyone can connect it to any device they wish to play music from relentlessly.

Retrolife has taken its expertise in the field of music replay to the next level with the new record players with speakers. The company is known for creating high-quality turntable systems with a focus on aesthetics and retro design. Retrolife strives to bring vinyl enthusiasts the best quality sound through their updated products while also focusing on industrial design. The new record players with speakers product from Retrolife is an evolution of this design that combines these two focus areas. The product allows users to listen to their vinyl records anywhere in their home, whether in the living room or bedroom.

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