The Pitch Girl, Laura Allen, Teaches Clients to Develop the Perfect Elevator Sales Pitch

October 18 08:28 2022
Sales Pitch expert Laura Allen, The Pitch Girl, only needs 15 seconds to catch someone’s attention. She helps entrepreneurs craft an effective sales pitch and carve out a space in their industry niche so they can succeed and live a prosperous life.

Laura Allen created The Pitch Girl to help other entrepreneurs craft the professional sales pitches needed to secure funding after finding herself stuck in a rut with her own business. She found a way to get herself unstuck and now extends her help to other business owners one-on-one rather than merely offering a one size fits all program. 

“I created Uplevel Like the Devil, and my 10-step Sell Without the Hell program so that I could offer one-on-one expert consulting at a price point that those who are serious about building their businesses can still afford,” The Pitch Girl said. 

The 15 Second Pitch Formula

Potential clients receive Laura Allen’s guide, The 15 Second Pitch Formula, free when they sign up for her mailing list on the website. With Allen’s proven formula, readers will follow four steps to create their signature 15-second pitch. 

Learn to Sell Without the Hell

Allen’s Sell Without the Hell system teaches clients to understand and implement ten business modules through one-on-one private coaching. The modules include the following:

–  Deep dive into the current business
Evaluate what is working and bringing in profit with an unflinchingly honest look at where the business currently stands. Build a plan for a successful future with Allen. “I’ve got my pitchfork ready, and we’re gonna start digging into your business,” Allen said. 

–  Identify a niche
Allen helps clients find their place in the market and an exciting niche where they can excel. “If you’re not sure what to focus on, that’s okay. We’ll work on this together.”

–  Identify and locate the ideal clients
Improve sales rates and growth by identifying the ideal clients for a business and focusing advertising efforts where they will be most effective. “Are you currently in a situation where 20 percent of your clients drain about 80 percent of your time and energy?” Allen asked. 

–  Craft a 15-second sales pitch
“It’s simple,” The Pitch Girl said. “If you can’t explain what you do, no one is going to buy from you.”

–  Turn up the heat
Clients take a close look at their current services with Allen and find ways to optimize their offerings. 

–  Build a posse
The Pitch Girl declares that no successful businessperson ever did it alone and helps clients find and recruit a “posse” to support them as they grow their companies. 

–  Draft a third-party pitch
Word-of-mouth advertising is some of the most valuable endorsements a business can get. Allen calls this the third-party pitch and says many entrepreneurs don’t know how to use it effectively. 

–  Pitch to the top three platforms
“Together, we will choose the top three social platforms for you to utilize to spread your sales message and attract ideal clients,” Allen said. 

–  Pitch to a larger audience
With only so much time and advertising funding available, The Pitch Girl teaches clients to focus efforts where they will have the most impact and reach a larger audience.

–  Keep those sales fires burning
Allen teaches clients how to keep the momentum going after the initial boost in business and translate that into future sales. 


To learn more about creating the perfect 15-second elevator pitch, visit The Pitch Girl website or reach out on social media at Facebook and Twitter.

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