The Love Water Organization Expands Into A Consumer Based Brand

October 19 00:03 2022
The Love Water Organization Expands Into A Consumer Based Brand

CEO & Founder, Naomi Alabi of the first 100% black woman-owned bottled water company explains the charitable expansion.

A water that nourishes more than the person that consumes it will be coming to the market. The Love Water is the most generous water around, helping impoverished communities gain access to clean fresh water. The New York based Entrepreneur Naomi Alabi is launching, The Love Water, an alkaline bottled water company with a give-back initiative. Now expanding into a brand from an organization, The Love Water will be available for sale by the end of 2022.

Naomi Alabi will be the first entrepreneur to own a bottled water brand owned 100% by a black woman. The Love Water organization, founded over a decade ago provides clean water for drinking and sanitation purposes. Love Water’s initiative has been supported by various corporate partnerships throughout the years. These partnerships include Ikea Foundation and Stella Artois (a subsidiary of Anheuser-Busch InBev).

Now as establishing a consumer based water brand the founder, Naomi Alabi is precise in keeping the company’s purpose. Part of their initiatives is creating water equity solutions. The Love Water executives established WaterEquity. It is the first-ever impact investment manager dedicated to ending the global water crisis, focusing exclusively on raising and deploying capital to water and sanitation enterprises throughout Asia, Africa, and Latin America.

“Safe water and sanitation for all” is the key focus for the company. Over the years they have been able to accomplish gathering data on specific areas and offering financial assistance. During the 8-minute Love Water documentary, the founder recalls during her time of being hands-on in many countries there are locals doing the work. However, these individuals were not supported by the government or financial institutions. “I am one person, but I wanted to do my part to ensure that we continue to close the gap,” states Naomi. According to The WHO (World Health Organization) “Globally, at least 2 billion people use a drinking water source contaminated with feces.” While Love Water has been doing its part with various solutions to finance and donate, the organization’s decision to expand into a consumer focused brand will be another solution that enables individuals to get involved.

Clean water is a necessity that can not be ignored. Every dollar spent with Love Water has the power to unlock clean water and sanitation solutions for people living in poverty. Stay up to date about the product, charitable initiatives, partnership news, and more!

About The Love Water

Naomi Alabi is an entrepreneur who believes we can change the world if we build purpose driven businesses that solves a problem for our audience. When building her latest business, The Love Water brand, It was important to ensure that the company prioritized a give-back initiative.

Our founder, Naomi Alabi knows first hand what life without access to clean water is like. Growing up in Kano, the rural part of Nigeria, she had to walk miles on a weekly basis to fetch as much water as she could carry in order for her family to get through the week. It’s a blessing that she now has her own bottled water company, proceeds which go towards building clean water access for families and communities in need.

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