Courtney Lin Enjoying An Upward Career Trajectory – Voice Over Artist/Actor/Dancer/Choreographer

October 20 10:06 2022
Courtney Lin Enjoying An Upward Career Trajectory - Voice Over Artist/Actor/Dancer/Choreographer
After a traumatic rat lab experience in undergrad and an accident that left her briefly paralyzed, Courtney powered through recovery and emerged with an even stronger spirit. She decided that med school would not be the life for her, and pivoted her life and joined the wonderful world of Voice Over Artists.

Burbank, California – October 20, 2022 – Courtney Lin is originally from San Diego. After competing and placing in world renowned hip hop competitions across the globe for 5 years, Courtney suffered an accident and was briefly paralyzed. After making a full recovery, she found acting. Outside of acting, Courtney participates in amateur boxing. 

She is represented by Gina Nuccio and Vanessa Gilbert with RSA Talent Management in Los Angeles. RSA connects the industry’s most accomplished universe of actors, voiceover talent, filmmakers, models, influencers, dancers and specialty-skilled entertainers to world-class studios, networks, producers, and Fortune 500 brands, to tell the world’s most riveting stories. 

Courtney has succeeded where many others have failed. This can be attributed to her tenacity and work ethic. She knows how to get the job done and is highly professional. Courtney has been cast in the series regular voice for DRACULAURA on Nickelodeon’s MONSTER HIGH which is scheduled to release on October 28th

SAG-AFTRA – Some of her areas of expertise are: 

On camera work:

  • HBO – Barry (w/ Bill Hader, Henry Winkler)
  • HULU – The Dropout (w/ Dylan Minnette)
  • APPLETV Truth Be Told (w/ Octavia Spencer, Gabrielle Union) 

Video Game work:

  • CookieRun Kingdom, Neon White, Cook Serve Forever, Fire Emblem Heroes, Project Triangle Strategy, Paladins,
  • Genshin Impact, Shadowverse, Phantasy Star Online 2, Vindictus 

Animation work:

  • Monster High, The Casagrandes, Rainbow High, Mermaze, American Girl Doll of the Year Corinne Tan, Full Metal Alchemist. 


  • The Shape of Things         Lead
  • Daddy Issues                   Lead
  • Graphic                           Lead
  • 30/60 4th Edition             Lead
  • 30/60 5th Edition             Lead
  • Best Friends                    Lead
  • Cabaret                           Supporting
  • Songalogues                    Lead 


  • The Charmed Life of John Weld                        Supporting
  • Thank You for Trying                                       Lead
  • How Not to Get Out of a Speeding Ticket          Lead
  • The Shadow of I                                             Lead
  • Love Net                                                        Lead
  • Lifeless                                                          Lead
  • Hairball                                                          Lead
  • LGBT Love Stories                                           Supporting
  • Midnight Walks                                               Lead
  • Two Wrongs                                                   Lead
  • Making Amends                                              Supporting 

Courtney’s body of work is immense and can be viewed here

During a recent interview, Courtney made these comments, “I love telling stories in all sorts of mediums, and sometimes I’m lucky enough that people will pay me to do it! I started out as a dancer and moved into acting after suffering a severe back injury. From there, the VO world opened itself to me by coincidence. Since I am currently working in all of those fields, I just like to call myself a creative performer. It’s a far cry from my initial goals of joining the medical industry when I was younger.” 

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