ADIMO Safe Box Provides Users with a Good Choice for Storing Valuables

October 22 06:15 2022

To own some valuable items requires you to store them in a safe place. You can’t just let them lie around everywhere around the house. Also, you can’t just put them in the drawer, as it won’t give enough safety protection for your valuable items.

The best way for you to store your valuable items is to use a safe box. Safe box is a handy piece of equipment you need to have in your home, where you can place your valuable items inside. You will lock the items in a safe box and never worry about losing them or forgetting about them again.

Here are some tips to pick the best safe box to store your valuable items:

1. Thick and durable materials. A safe box needs to have a thick and durable material that can protect it from any drilling and physical forces. It needs to be sturdy, so that it can protect the valuables you put inside.

2. Secure locks. The safe box also needs to have secure locks that are difficult to penetrate with any picking or hacking methods. You also need the safe box to have an alternative lock just in case you forgot the primary lock.

3. Alarms. It also needs to have an alarm system that can detect any intruders or thieves that are trying to open the safe box with brute force.

4. Item management. It’s important that the safe box has an item management system, which will allow you to organize the valuables you store inside the box.

ADIMO Safe Box with Digital Keypad

ADIMO Safe Box with Digital Keypad provides you with a safe box that has thick and strong materials with the double unlock system, ensuring that your valuable items get locked tight inside the box. You can open the safe box with the mix of digital keypad and master key to ensure the best security protection for your valuables.


Highlighted Features:

• You can hook the safe box to the wall using the 2 expansion screw holes.

• It offers easy organization for your valuable items, with the 5 hook modes.

• It has two compartments that allow you to store your valuables on the top and bottom shelves.

• This safe box offers an intelligent guardian system with the alarms that will get triggered whenever it detects unusual movements around the box.

• You can grab the emergency key if you forgot your keypad password, so you can always have access to the safe box whenever you need.


ADIMO Safe Box with Fingerprint Design

Just like the keypad version, ADIMO Safe Box with Fingerprint design offers very much the same features, except for the fingerprint lock design. It offers the 3 unlock methods, which include fingerprint sensor, digital keyboard, and master key, to ensure you can get the maximum protection for your valuable items. Also, with the 2.8 cubic feet volume, you can store more items inside this safe box compared to the digital keypad version.

The ADIMO Safe Box with Fingerprint Design also offers thicker and sturdier materials with 5 thick bolts for theft protection. There are 3 compartments you can use to store your valuable items inside this safe box.


Picking the best safe box is very important to ensure the safety and protection of your valuable items. ADIMO Safe Boxes can be your best safe box of choice to store all your valuable items from thefts and other potential dangers.

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ADIMO Safe Box with Digital Keypad

ADIMO Safe Box with Fingerprint Design

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