Author and Retired U.S. Military Medic Lloyd Jeffries Releases A Portion of Malice, the First in His Ages of Malice Thriller Series

October 31 21:15 2022
Author and Retired U.S. Military Medic Lloyd Jeffries Releases A Portion of Malice, the First in His Ages of Malice Thriller Series
Emery Merrick is an accomplished Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist. Despite his success, he finds himself with his gun in hand, ready to end it all. A timely knock at his door prevents the inevitable and introduces Emery to Thaddeus Drake, the billionaire who aims to hire Emery to write his biography. When he accepts, Emery soon finds himself immersed in a world of secret societies, bloodthirsty sacrifice, and atrocities he could never have predicted when he opened his door.

“Audacious”- BlueInk Review

A Portion of Malice is the first in Lloyd Jeffries’s Ages of Malice thriller series. Deemed by readers to be comparable to the works of Ken Follett and Dan Brown, this new release promises to take audiences on a thrill ride into one unsuspecting man’s journey through history and directly into a horrific apocalyptic adventure. Readers will find themselves captivated by Jeffries’s main character as he faces the insurmountable challenge of confronting God as an equal. Emery is now caught in a web of lies while the leader of an ancient society embarks on a one-of-a-kind mission of vengeance and redemption. 

A Portion of Malice is a thrill ride for readers and changes the conversation about spirituality, redemption, and the world in which we live.”

“Masterful” – The BookLife Prize

About the Book: Emery Merrick may just be the proverbial “one man who can make a difference.” His career as a journalist prepared him for many things, but being asked to pen billionaire Thaddeus Drake’s biography may top the list of oddities he has encountered as a writer. Drake possesses a deep, dark secret–he is the leader of an ancient society laser-focused on sacrificing the planet.  

Readers will be blown away by Jeffries’s controversial plot and his masterful incorporation of spirituality into a novel steeped in darkness and deceit. U.S. Review of Books calls Jeffries’s dive into apocalyptic times and spirituality and redemption a “devastating novel,” and Chanticleer Book Reviews reveals that A Portion of Malice is led by a “fascinating cast.”  The U.S. Review of Books has said, “The current world problems the book plays on, such as anti-Semitism, financial insecurity and warring factions at the mercy of business interests, touch a chord and produce a palpable, chilling effect.”

“Brilliantly vivid” – LoveReading – Indie Books We Love Award 

“Undeniably talented” – Readers’ Favorite – 5-Star Review

Readers’ Favorite gives A Portion of Malice 5 stars

A Portion of Malice is available now on Amazon in both Kindle and paperback.

About the Author:

Author Lloyd Jeffries is a decorated veteran who served in several U.S. conflicts during his career in the military. For more than twenty years, he has practiced emergency, trauma, and wilderness medicine. Jeffries’s love of dark comedies and philosophy no doubt contribute to his writing. In addition, he has a propensity for clever turns of phrase and religious studies. Jeffries is no stranger to experiments involving the esoteric and legendary. Jeffries spends his time creating thrillers for readers from his home in Florida where he hides out with his family and Buck the Wonder Dog. 

“Gritty read with lots of twists…” – LoveReading Review

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