New Poetic Initiative by Alex Wilkinson is Geared Towards Inspiring People by Connecting Them with Creativity Whilst Supporting Grassroot Artists

October 31 19:31 2022
Alex Wilkinson’s Poems by Post is on a mission to support grassroots poets and artists worldwide whilst inspiring people to explore their own creativity

Connecting with creative works and being creative have been proven to have similar effects, helping people to see the big picture, build confidence, ease tension, achieve relaxation, and clear their minds. People want to read books, visit art galleries, attend concerts just to see some creativity on display. Alex Wilkinson has provided a platform where people can connect with poetic and artistic creativity. Through the Poems by Post initiative, Alex is looking to inspire everyone to connect with creativity whilst supporting grassroots artists.

“The goal is to connect people with creative works and creatives,” explained Alex Wilkinson. “We have adopted a novel approach to this mission that entails sending out monthly poetry and artwork curated to spread joy and inspire. What we intend to achieve in the long run is to support the local talent that produces these works. Whether it is a typewritten or printed edition, people will love the amazing jobs our grassroots artists are collaborating on.”

Poems by Post operates subscription-based memberships. New users can choose how they want their poems delivered which could be typewritten using a 1970 Erika Daro, or the Printed Edition. Both subscription plans include matching artwork for each poem, which is sent out on the 1st of every month. Inside the package that would be delivered, users will find an artist designed greetings card, the poem which inspired the artwork, a creative prompt on the back of the card, and a QR code to the artists profiles and video recital of the poem.

According to Alex Wilkinson, by the end of the year, Poems by Post will have supported over 100 different artists, posted out 7000+ typewritten poems and matching artwork, and inspired over 1000 people worldwide to connect with their own creativity. The company is building momentum and is on course to achieving this mission.

To join the Poems by Post initiative, connect with creative works, and support local artists, please visit Connect with the company via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.

About Alex Wilkinson

Alex is a performing poet who has delivered thousands of personal commissions. He’s now on a mission to support grassroots artists, and encourage more people to explore their own creative passions. He is deeply inspired by people who dare to follow a dream, and he wants to help more people to make their dreams a reality.

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