Solar Panels South Carolina Designed, Installed, and Maintained Affordably and Reliably by Holy City Solar Co for Locals

November 07 22:06 2022
Holy City Solar Co offers advanced solar power generation solutions for commercial and residential customers in South Carolina. The team of technicians from this business stays updated with the latest technology changes to recommend the best possible solutions.

According to announcements released by Holy City Solar Co and Brandon McCall, the business designs, installs, and maintains solar panels in South Carolina for commercial, industrial, and residential customers.

Unlike fossil fuel-based energy, solar Charleston energy generation is environment friendly; it does not release harmful gasses in the air or pollute land and water. Solar panels are easy to maintain and repay their costs in a decade or less. 

With the many government rebates, tax cuts, and easy loans available, many property owners have already reduced their dependence on the grid and are saving money each month. Over the years, the savings can be worth thousands of dollars, especially for commercial enterprises.

The demand for electricity peaks between noon and evening. This is when the solar power panels installed by Holy City Solar Co generate the maximum power because the sun is overhead between these hours. 

Lower noise pollution is a big reason why environment-conscious customers in urban settings opt for solar panels in entire neighborhoods. Holy City Solar Co is accredited by NABCEP. This is an insured business covered for accidents during the installation. Strong warranties back its work.

Holy City Solar Co has acquired a strong online reputation on the dint of its expertise and commitment to customer satisfaction. Consumers rate it highly in their reviews. It offers free quotes and is always keen on answering questions about solar power technology. The business is always willing to provide references to work done so interested prospects can meet the clients from an in-person perspective.

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Brandon McCall of Holy City Solar Co said, “We are dedicated to providing the best solar panel services around for Charleston, SC locals.

Cleaning solar panels is best left up to professionals, including when there’s no maintenance required.

There are some things you can do to avoid additional damage if you do decide to use water on your panels. 

 Always use only filtered rainwater to clean your solar panels. Never tap water with minerals dissolved in it, like calcium carbonate (which can etch glass) or sodium (which will corrode metal).  

Never clean the frame of your panels with a power washer, as this can cause damage. If you have excessive dust on your panels, make a solution out of a gallon of filtered water mixed with six ounces of isopropyl alcohol and a mild dishwashing soap like Ivory.

Use this solution to clean the solar panel frame, starting at the bottom and working your way up, making sure to get all sides. You will see dust falling off the ground.  

When you are done, clean off any remaining solution with a microfiber cloth before it dries to avoid water spots. Always let the solar panel system dry thoroughly before turning it back on.

Use a sizable soft-bristled paintbrush to remove the debris from the frame instead of a rag for larger quantities of dust or pollen. 

To make this work most effectively, apply filtered water/isopropyl alcohol solution first to loosen particles that may have gotten stuck between cells.”  

About the Company:

Holy City Solar Co has installed and repaired solar panels in and around Charleston, SC, for over ten years. The business is run by passionate experts who love spreading awareness about the benefits of solar energy. It executes each installation job professionally and in a manner that best meets a client’s requirements affordably.

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