Marketing Guru Aggie Asiimwe Konde’s SparKuGrowth – A Personal Development Brand Uses The Unique PROWESS Model To Help Clients Find Meaning in Life

November 08 14:39 2022
PROWESS is a personal development framework that helps individuals and small businesses identify their uniqueness and leverage this to achieve their wildly important dreams without failing. PROWESS TM operates under the corporate brand SparKuGrowth,LLC. The founder Aggie has coached over 3000 people and is on a mission to find one million people who seek to ignite their full potential through her simple 7 step PROWESS model that she teaches in her PROWESS coaching program.

After surviving a terrorist attack in 2019 that left 22 civilians and 5 terrorist dead, Aggie went on a search for her purpose in life inorder to live a fulfilled life.  Inspite of her stellar success in the corporate world where she turned over 5 under-dog brands to market leaders in under 24 months, surviving the terrorist attack made me  question my version of success as a C-suite leader and this led me to discover my life purpose as a mother first and an enabler that supports others create blue ocean brands that enable you to choose to do the things that you deeply care for while adding phenomenal value to the world for top dollars in return.

After surviving a horrifying 13 hours under siege, I went on a journey to rediscover the true meaning of life. SInce the discovery of my Purpose in life, I have regained my balance and choices in life. The PROWESS framework that I developed in the process, has helped hundreds of entrepreneurs discover their uniqueness and leverage this to create the life they deserve and impact the world they seek to live in. The framework uses a simple 7 step by step model that digs deeper into who you are, what makes you tick, what gives you joy and meaning and builds this to create your unique brand differentiator and unique proposition.

SparKuGrowth LLC  is on a mission to find 1 Million people that are looking for the next big break without finding a new job, nor committing more hours to a stressful life, but infuses your meaning into your current role and amplifies your strength to showcase your greatness through in a meaningful way. AAK is a chartered marketer, a brand marketing genius and corporate executive. She wants to help people reach their full potential. Aggies philosophy in life is that you have a choice to take all that is thrown at you, or you intentionally choose to live the abundant life that God created you to experience. 

PROWESS helps people identify and overcome the obstacles that are holding them from realizing their full potential in 30 hours. Aggie Asiimwe Konde has seen first-hand the transformative power of her program, and she is passionate about helping as many people as possible. PROWESS is a model that helps people develop their unique personal differentiators. By applying the blue ocean models, PROWESS is able to help people attract premium value in earnings by stopping the chase and building their personal brand by being intentional.

SparKuGrowth, is committed to helping others reach their full potential. This is an admirable goal that will have a positive impact on many people’s lives. Aggie Asiimwe Konde, the founder of SparKuGrowth LLC, is passionate about supporting people to create their unique personal brands and do what they love and are passionate about most. She has over 20 years of experience in brand building and strategy development and is ready to help anyone who seeks her guidance live in meaningful and purposeful life.

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According to Aggie Asiimwe Konde, “Being a personal brand development company, AAK under SparKuGrowth helps people create their unique personal brands and business. My PROWESS model is a new approach to helping people overcome inertia and create the life of their dreams.  The PROWESS model is based on the IKIGAI model and helps people identify what they are passionate about, what their strengths are, and what they can do to make their dreams a reality. The PROWESS model has already helped many people overcome inertia and create the life they want without compromising their day jobs while showing up with their A game for their bosses, family and friends. Most importantly, you get to build new passive income while living the life you dreamt of.”

Aggie Asiimwe Konde is passionate about helping people create their unique personal brands and follow their passion. She believes everyone has something special to offer the world, and she wants to help them show it off. Her ultimate goal is to coach people on how to make a living doing what they love. Through AAK under SparKuGrowth, she offers customized tools that speak to their unique needs.

The brand wants to make sure the customers are always taken care of. It works with customers throughout their journey, from start to finish, and provides a lifetime membership to the PROWESS community. AAK keeps working with clients even after its 15-hour program until they launch their new career brands. The brand also offers a 100% guarantee on investment within 6 months.

About the Company:

SparKuGrowth’ s philosophy is the willingness to embrace our individual and collective beliefs, authentically to build the future we seek to live in generations after us. Our ideal world can only be created or not created to the extent that our purpose, passions, professions, and vocations are simultaneously brought into play and not asked to choose either or.

This will require leaders with no titles—capable of putting our egos away and creating from the soul, collaborating with others, thriving, and living authentically.

AAK is a Personal Development brand that operates under SparKuGrowth LLC. The brand is all about Igniting One’s Passion, building a community of dignified greatness and Meaningful Lives one person at a time. 

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