Navid Noor Speaks on Eradicating Loopholes That Are Troubling the Growth of Start-Ups in the U.S.

November 09 18:27 2022

Mr. Navid Noor, an award-winning speaker, mentor, trainer, and business coach, has dedicated his life’s work towards helping businesses master their goals. And today, he is with us to discuss a crucial business fact.

Our point of discussion today will be about how minute business loopholes deteriorate the growth potential of a business and how to eradicate them.

Mr. Navid Noor is a brilliant businessman who has tailored every program or course for businesses struggling in various industries. Some businesses have the potential to grow and thrive, but he believes that a few avoidable mistakes bring them down harshly and breaks their motivation to stand back up.

Today, he is keen on highlighting some loopholes and giving us remedies to avoid them to better stabilize your business in this competitive world. He has been doing this for a long time and has discussed loopholes and their repercussions in most of his courses and programs.

“So, Mr Navid, we have several testimonials and feedback from the people you have mentored. We did our part in conversing with them and understanding your approach toward helping businesses. And keeping today’s topic in mind, we asked a few questions to people who give credit for their success to you.

They said you pinpoint the exact loopholes in business processes that need correction. Some even said that you predicted what would happen if a specific fault in business execution and marketing approach isn’t corrected. Is it some kind of intuition you get or just years of experience?”

Navid Noor:

“To answer your question, you can say that I get the intuition that results from sheer hard work and experience. Everyone giving out credit to me for their success is missing out on the fact that they did all the implementation.

I can predict what will happen if a loophole isn’t fixed while executing business operations. It is because I have been there and have felt that. Establishing and running a business needs motivation, and investment of money and time, and both of them are precious possessions you have. Small loopholes can devastate that motivation and make you regret your investments.

Some things in business are avoidable and can help you hold onto your business and bring long-term profits. In contrast, some rapid decisions can give you a short-term money flow and a long-term breakdown. What sounds better to you?”

“Well, I suggest the former! So, what are the common loopholes that businesses experience?”

Navid Noor:

“The most common loophole in businesses is that they set the wrong pricing for their products or services. And this often happens when you have missed out on studying the competitors and doing proper market research.

When you price your service or product too high, people will repel away from your brand, and keeping it too low will burn your profits. A perfect pricing strategy is essential, not a random thought-about price tag.

Secondly, the major loophole that business owners ignore and move ahead with is that they ignore the competition. This can be a big hit if you are unaware of what your competitors are doing to surpass you. Observing the marketing tactics, product choices, service operations, and customer reviews of your competitors are essential if you want to beat them in the industry.

These are two of the most significant loopholes that I believe degrade business growth. People also make mistakes with taxes, setting a profit margin, preparing a business plan, and other aspects. But starting by rectifying these two loopholes will help you stay in the game longer.” 

Navid did his bit in telling us the repercussions that some fundamental loopholes can trigger. If you intend to consult him or get his advice on your way of business execution, you can contact PurpleZ marketing, his agency based in Irvine, CA. He has mentored not just start-ups but even the top MNCs. And he believes in offering value to every client he talks to no matter how big or small they are.

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