Sastana Introduces Sastana NFT RentalPlace, an Innovative Platform For Famous Artists

November 11 14:18 2022
Sastana introduces SastaRent, the unique NFT RentalPlace, where world-famous artists can showcase their creations to premium buyers and lovers of luxury art pieces

SastaRent, the innovative NFT RentalPlace from Sastana, is offering the leading artists of the world a powerful platform to showcase their valuable creations. The NFT RentalPlace is an exclusive premium platform for artists that already enjoy a certain level of fame or are already world-famous.

“The Sastana NFT RentalPlace is just the kind of place that established artists need to give a wider exposure for their artwork,” says the spokesperson for Sastana. “The NFT RentalPlace is a value proposition that connects luxury and boutique hotels and resorts, exclusive, award-winning, Michelin-starred, and equally high-end restaurants and restaurant chains, famous coffee shops and chains, and other venues with the right customer base, with famous and talented artists.


Sastana RentalPlace is designed to operate as a double-sided blockchain-based marketplace for digital art and NFT utilities. It is dedicated to world-famous artists and artists enjoying certain fame. By using this platform, they can connect with luxury and boutique hotels and resorts, premium restaurant chains, and famous coffee shops.

 With Sastana NFT RentalPlace, popular artists can benefit from their collections in a different way. They can start renting their artwork collections and NFTs and make money from owning NFTs. They also have the freedom of passing the utility of passing their NFTs to someone else.

There are many benefits of using Sastana NFT renting for artists and hotel resorts, major restaurant chains, and famous coffee shops. They get the option to access different kinds of service packages. It allows them to choose what art piece by which artist they can display on the frames for a given period of time. Even small users can rent an NFT to take advantage of the benefits the platform offers.

 Those interested in art displays can rent an NFT from its owner if they can’t afford to buy it. The concept is simple. NFT owners must register with Sastana RentalPlace, offer their NFTs for rent, and become Renters. Those who want to rent NFTs must register, rent and pay to rent the NFTs. The crypto wallets of the buyers and the renters are connected to the RentalPlace for transacting securely and conveniently.

The concept and design of Sastana RentalPlace began in the first half of 2022. The development phase of the RentalPlace is already in process and is expected to be completed by the end of this year.

According to the spokesperson, the pre-release and post-testing adjustments and modifications will be completed by the third quarter of 2023. Sastana RentalPlace will be completed in all respects by the end of 2023.

About Sastana RentalPlace:

Santana RentalPlace is a concept conceived and executed by Sastana. It is an exclusive platform that allows world-famous artists to showcase their artwork for rent. The platform can be used to connect with different luxury and boutique hotels and resorts, the largest restaurant chains, and famous coffee shops.

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