Neon Mama Lets Customers Create Custom Neon Signs to Reflect Their Personalities and Fulfill Unique Requirements

December 01 15:06 2022
Buyers can customize a neon sign using the online tool on the Neon Mama website. Neon Mama handcrafts neon signs and ships them worldwide. For customers who want something that really stands out, the business will customize a neon sign, even from an image.

According to announcements released by Neon Mama and Justin Beddow, people can customize neon signs to their exact needs using the online tool on the business’s website. The handmade signs, made in the NeonMama factory, cater to the unique styles and tastes of the customer. 

These LED neon signs ship free internationally within 2-3 weeks of order acceptance. The online sign-building tool lets users design bespoke neon signs from seven sizes and many choices in color, fonts, backing styles in acrylic, and diverse effects. The light size chart on the sign builder page lets users assess the size of the personalized sign on a wall.

Custom LED neon signs are a better alternative to conventional neon tubes because they are sturdier and consume far less power. The customizability makes these tubes an excellent choice for man caves, clubs, and home bars. The custom signs are a hit for those wishing to gift their friends and families something unique and memorable. 

The signs are equipped with a regular 5-meter power cord and a plug right for the country where the product will be shipped. The child-safe neon signs are not hot to the touch and can be easily handled. Signs by Neon Mama are cheap but with absolutely no compromise on quality.

The tool on the website can also be used to design waterproof outdoor neon signs. These signs are treated with a waterproof chemical for safe use outside. The signs run on a 12-volt transformer with no risk of an electric shock. The signs are built to last for a decade and more. A one-year guarantee backs the custom-built signs.

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Justin Beddow of Neon Mama said, “You will have probably seen that there are many different colors of neon lights out there, so how are these different colors produced? As previously mentioned, each of the noble gases releases a different shade of light.

Krypton releases green light, Argon blue light, and Helium glows pink. Mixing these gases can result in various other color shades. The color of the light emitted from the neon tube can also be altered by treating the tube’s glass with certain chemicals, such as a phosphor coating, which glows a specific color when energized. The luminous tubes in a traditional neon sign typically last 8-15 years.

This time depends on how well maintained the signs have been and also on environmental factors such as weather. You can get more years of life from your traditional neon sign by repairing or re-coating your neon sign tubing.

Neon signs can burn out. This is where all or part of the sign will stop glowing. You can also add more gas and replace the transformer. There are various causes of this burnout.

The use of transformers illuminates neon signs glass tubes. If the transformer fails, the sign will not light up. 80% of all neon sign failures are due to electrical wire burnout.”

About the Company:

Neon Mama offers neon signs in more than 1000 designs and a wide range of colors. It is a popular provider of custom neon signs for use at home, in the office, and in commercial establishments. The business ships its affordably priced neon signs worldwide.

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