With 5 Prayer Time Reminders via smartphone app, the iQibla Zikr1 Smart Ring Assists Muslims in praying

December 04 10:20 2022
With 5 Prayer Time Reminders via smartphone app, the iQibla Zikr1 Smart Ring Assists Muslims in praying
Tasbeeh counter

When it comes to helping Muslims perform obligatory prayers, there are many ways to go about it. iQibla, an innovative tech company, has introduced its popular smart ring, the Zikr1. The Zikr1 smart ring is a wearable electronic device worn on the finger and used as an electronic prayer or tasbeeh counter. What makes the Zikr1 unique is that it can be updated with new features over time via Bluetooth technology and an app download from Google Play or the Apple Store. This allows for continuous product development, which helps improve its overall functionality.

Zikr1 is a device with a Tasbeeh counter feature. It can also help Muslims who are required to pray five times per day throughout the year. It also benefits parents who wish to instill positive values in their children and have them practice their faith through regular prayer. The Zikr1 can also help those who are unable to perform the prayers within their physical capabilities or mobility. The Zikr1 is easy to use, and its lightweight design is another plus. It weighs less than 21.3 grams, which means it doesn’t interfere with any daily activities.

Zikr1 smart ring is the best tasbeeh counter for Muslims. It has many benefits for you to use:

  1. It can help you keep track of your zikr and dhikr times.
  2. It can assist you in becoming a better Muslim..
  3. It can make your life easier.

“We are happy after using the Zikr1. We are happy we did. The first time we used it, we noticed a difference. Zikr1 is truly an amazing product. I would recommend this to anyone looking for a quality product and fast results.”
Said a customer.

iQibla was started by a group of people passionate about building on the legacy of the Muslim world to create products that integrate traditional Islamic values with modern ones. The company’s first product, Zikr1, is a portable app that helps Muslims pray salah wherever they are—the perfect tool for those on the go or traveling for college or work. “iQibla is committed and strives to use technology to help more people find peace and balance in their daily lives. We hope you enjoy using Zikr1 as much as we enjoyed creating it!” Said an iQibla company representative.

iQibla is a company of dedicated Muslims with a vision. A vision of an Islamic lifestyle that fulfills the needs of Muslims in every aspect of their lives. The company aspires to be the first of many steps toward that end. iQibla strongly focuses on providing quality Islamic products and services to consumers looking for products that help them integrate their faith into their daily lives. At present, they sell prayer smart rings with a digital alarm clock that can be used for Zikr (remembrance of God) during the five daily prayers.

For more information, please visit https://www.iqibla.com/collections/zikr1.

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