Black-owned athletic streetwear brand, Seven Figure Trends is building a loyal following through community connection.

December 06 22:03 2022
Seven Figure Trends launched its culture-focused apparel that motivates and inspires people to pursue their goals in comfort and style.

Former athlete and current entrepreneur Jonathon Murray is pleased to introduce his young, up-and-coming athletic wear and streetwear apparel brand. Seven Figure Trends features high-performance fabrics designed for luxury, comfort, quality, style, minimalism, and athletic appeal. The young brand is revolutionizing the athletic streetwear brand by introducing the latest quality clothing that creates an apparel culture focused on community connection. Seven Figure Trends clothing is designed to motivate and inspire people to accomplish their physical, spiritual, and financial goals.

Seven Figure Trends caters to fashion-sensitive people who need a curated selection of athletic wear and streetwear apparel with top-tier fabrics that provide enough comfort during various activities. Murray shares that he created a brand that people can proudly represent with a sleek assortment of styles that will elevate every person’s activewear and streetwear collection. The brand features neutrals and bright colors in a variety of sizes to ensure shoppers not only look good but have the best fit. These versatile ready-to-wear clothing items have become quite popular.

Seven Figure Trends is a young black-owned brand that has built a loyal following through community connection. Its brand offering resonates with many people who not only look for style but also comfort, motivation, and inspiration in their clothing choices. Seven Figure Trends has been available to shoppers for four months and is already celebrating various milestones, including its very first Black Friday sale. Murray shares that Seven Figure Trends is a brand on a mission to empower people in its community to pursue their goals by any means possible. He echoes the brand’s slogan, “You Will Not Outwork Me.”

Wearing Seven Figure Trends guarantees attractive clothing choices with a minimalist aesthetic that provides comfort and utility. Each item is handmade to reflect the brand’s passion to give every shopper a unique Seven Figure touch. As a former athlete, Murray understands the athletic wear needs of shoppers and has perfectly blended this with streetwear that exudes athletic appeal. The brand is committed to giving customers a variety of clothing designs that will boost their confidence and instill a sense of community, freedom, and inspiration.

Following the success of its existing clothing items, gym shorts, hoodies, jogger shorts, t-shirts, and hoodie and shorts sets, Seven Figure Trends has announced new collections coming soon. Shoppers can look forward to joggers, coats, tanks, stringers, beanies, hats, athletic travel bags, and more. Seven Figure Trends is also working on a women’s line featuring biker shorts, leggings, and other sportswear.

Shopping at Seven Figure Trends is made easy through an online shop that makes it easy for customers to pick out the items they want. New arrivals are easy to spot, and customers can track their orders once they are placed. Follow Seven Figure Trends on Instagram to learn more about the brand’s commitment to community connection to help people accomplish their goals through athletic streetwear with ultimate comfort and style.

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