Luxvoni.Com announces new managing partner, Antwan Webb, the former VP of Sales at Sale-Ops.

January 16 22:51 2023
The new managing director brings senior sales expertise to Luxvoni Marketing Solutions.

Luxvoni.Com, an industry leader in funnel, advertising, and optimization for lead conversion and sales, has named Antwan Webb as a managing partner. Antwan is a high-level sales leader, sales funnel expert and the former VP of sales at Sale-Ops.Com. 

Luxvoni Marketing Solutions welcomed its new Managing Partner to join its leadership team to drive growth and innovation while coaching its clients to operate their businesses at their full potential. Antwan brings his sales experience and expertise to help clients continue to scale their sales and marketing strategies. With Antwan on the team, Luxvoni.Com will reinforce its reputation as the industry leader for ‘done-for-you’ sales funnels and pure-performance-based media buying.

Antwan Webb has previously worked with many businesses and entrepreneurs in sales, marketing, content creation, leadership and culture. He has also helped lay down high-converting client acquisition systems that help products and service-based businesses grow their revenue, market share and profit. His industry background and expertise are reputed, making him a sought-after marketing and sales professional.

Antwan brings his innovative perspective of blending direct response marketing and high-performing sales teams. This will help Luxvoni’s clients scale their businesses by feeding the sales teams with qualified appointments. Being an experienced sales and marketing leader, Antwan has led Luxvoni’s high-performance sales team for nearly a decade.

In addition to his extensive experience, Antwan is celebrated for his massive contributions to the success of Sale-Ops.Com and Luxvoni.Com, companies where he has built, managed and scaled sales teams that generate 8 figures annually. Throughout his career, Antwan has constantly found new ways to work smarter as a high-performance sales professional, leveraging leading-edge techniques in sales and marketing.

With over a decade of experience in sales funnels, internet marketing, and high-ticket sales, Antwan shares his in-depth industry knowledge. He observes that most businesses fail to realize the importance of leveraging marketing to create attention and sales to convert that attention profitably. By feeding his sales teams with high-quality appointments, he has managed to turn mildly successful salespeople wildly successful while impacting thousands of entrepreneurs in the process. Antwan’s commitment to clients, collaborative approach and coaching style, is a perfect fit for Luxvoni, America’s number-one sales funnel agency.

In his new position as managing partner, Antwan joins other highly skilled professionals like Dakota Burford, Andrew Sabbatino, Jonathon Kendall, Kraig Bond, and Dmitri Smirnov, who are part of Luxvoni’s leadership team.

Antwan is excited to join a team of professionals and a company that continues to lead in the field of ‘done-for-you’ sales funnels. Visit to learn more about Antwan and his strategies to help businesses and entrepreneurs position themselves for success in any market conditions.


Luxvoni is a marketing solutions firm that helps the elite generate high-converting leads and sales through their proven ‘done-for-you’ Sales Funnel and paid-on-performance media buying. The firm has assembled an avenger team of top-tier funnel, advertising, and optimization experts. Luxvoni was created to help entrepreneurs scale their product and service-based businesses with measurable accountability and predictability. Based on Luxvoni’s current client list, it’s safe to say that they’ve done an incredible job. 

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